Apple: Seven New Features For The iPhone 7

Apple: Seven New Features For The iPhone 7
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2015 will see the iPhone 7 launched by Apple, the latest in a long line of its seemingly invincible smartphone series. The iPhone 6 has been another absolutely massive success story for Apple, and the question of whether a sequel to the device will be brought into the public domain in 2015 need not even be seriously asked.

What does remain a secret at the time of writing is whether the iPhone 7 will be an upgrade to the existing iPhone series, or whether Apple has something more revolutionary in mind. As much as the iPhone 6 is pretty much as good as smartphones get, and has been a success in every respect for the company, one minor disappointment for some observers was that the handset didn’t represent quite as much of a revolution as was anticipated in some quarters.

Thus, Apple will be in something of a quandary regarding the iPhone 7, whether to merely upgrade in specification terms what was an extremely successful mobile device in the iPhone 6, or to majorly reboot the iPhone series. Regardless of which approach the corporation takes, there will certainly be some new features included in this next generation smartphone, so here are seven possible innovations which Apple could include in the iPhone 7 make-up.

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New features for the iPhone 7

Apple: Seven New Features For The iPhone 7

Increased storage capacity

It is already strongly rumored that Apple will significantly increase the storage capacity of the iPhone 7 when it launches around September time. There are murmurings that there will be a 256GB version of the smartphone when it hits the stores, and this would be very much in line with offering increasingly high-definition content, which can then be stored on the handset.

It is possible as well that the lowest memory storage model of the iPhone 7 will increase as well. Although producing affordable devices is a consideration for every manufacturer, the amount of memory taken up by modern applications and videos really necessitates large amounts of memory.

More RAM

The combination of Apple’s proprietary software and the fact that the consumer electronics giant is one of the few mobile manufacturers to produce both software and hardware for its mobile devices has always ensured that the iPhone series runs extremely niftily. However, it has never been over-endowed in the RAM department, certainly in comparison with other major smartphones available on the market. This could see Apple double the RAM in the iPhone 7, from the 1 GB included in the iPhone 6, to 2 GB. The performance improvements offered by this could be considerable.

HD and QHD displays

Apple has lagged behind its major competitor Samsung in terms of the quality of displays in the iPhone series, and the next generation iPhone 7 could offer the company the opportunity to produce its first HD smartphone and QHD phablet.

Souped-up camera

The iPhone 6 camera was well received, and Apple has always delivered devices that are capable takers of photographs. But the rear-facing snapper in the iPhone 6 was not powerful in megapixel terms, and there are already rumors floating around that Apple will focus on significantly improving the specifications of the lens in the next iPhone release.

With this in mind, there are murmurings that the iPhone 7 could feature a 21-megapixel camera. This would be an absolutely massive improvement on the iPhone 6, and wouldeven slightly outrank the presumed megapixel rating of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S6.

Whether or not this is realistic is debatable, but we could see the iPhone 7 featuring the first ultra-powerful camera in its history. There have also been analyst rumors that Apple will somehow incorporate Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Technology into the iPhone 7, which would seemingly enable the smartphone to produce professional quality photographs. This seems pretty unfeasible, but is a rumor to heed as iPhone 7 leaks develop.

A9 processor

The iPhone 7 will need more juice in the tank in processing terms, and this is almost certain to result in a new A9 processor being at the heart of the device. There have already been reports that Samsung is working on the production of chips for the next generation iPhone, although there are currently conflicting media reports on this subject.

Sapphire Glass

The biggest rumor which turned out to be a red herring with regard to the iPhone 6 was the idea that Apple would significantly include Sapphire Glass in its production. The reason for this belief, and the ethos behind it, were both clear. Apple has ordered vast amounts of Sapphire Glass to utilize within its production line on at least one product, but it is as yet unclear as to when and on what this will be used. Certainly Apple opted against including it in the iPhone 6, but it could also reverse this decision for the next generation iPhone.

The logic behind this is that the durability of the iPhone series has been criticized in some quarters, and Sapphire Glass is thought to provide a more scratchproof surface than the Gorilla Glass which is utilized currently. Whether this will come to fruition this time out remains to be seen, but given the industrial quantities of this substance which Apple has definitely purchased, it seems pretty certain that it will feature in the iPhone at some point.

Curved Screen

Finally, there is already speculation that Apple will imitate Samsung to a certain extent with the iPhone 7 and produce at least one model which features a curved screen. This is possibly the most contentious of the iPhone rumors, given that it has been very much a Samsung trademark, and Apple usually likes to set the trends rather than follow them.

But this is one area where Samsung has out punched Apple in recent years, and the corporation’s curved television screens have met with a particularly favourable response. It is possible in this context that Apple will view this technology as a critical one for the future, and contemplate an iPhone 7 version featuring curved screen technology.

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