Locating Apple Pay Merchants Gets Easier With PayFinders App

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Apple Pay is accepted at many businesses, but tracking those businesses is not an easy task. Therefore, a new app named PayFinders has been designed to crowdsource an interactive map of businesses where it is accepted. The app reported that ApplePay added 12,673 new merchants in North America, of which 95% were small businesses, in just two days, says a report from Apple Insider.

Apple Pay reaching more locations

Over the past two days, users of the new app have increased at an incredible rate of 750%, indicating that Apple’s payment service has a generated lot of interest among users, said PayFinder’s developer. Brian Roemmele, creator of the app, took to Twitter to announce increasing interest in Apple’s payment service, saying the Christmas season was good for the iPhone 6 series and ApplePay adoption.

Apple is also making efforts to expand the reach of its payment service beyond the U.S., launching the service in the U.K. in June and last month in Canada and Australia. By early 2016, the service is expected to begin operating in China as well.

On Christmas Day, Roemmele said, “Indirect activation data suggested that the Target and Best Buy $100 off Apple Watch promotion may have doubled [the number of Apple Watch] devices in use.”

PayFinders covers Maps flaws

Apple has put ApplePay badges on the detail pages of a number of select merchants, but it appears as if the badges are limited to larger chains mostly. Divergence between search results and browsed map locations is one of the most significant flaws of Maps, and it also affects the badges, the report says.

Also at times when a user performs a search for a merchant, Maps delivers a basic address-only page that does not have any other information, but the PayFinders app fills these gaps. This is the reason users use this app to look for the ApplePay data that the iPhone firm has not been able to deliver on its own. Until the company improves its maps app, users will have to use PayFinders to find and share the locations of merchants that support Apple’s payment service.

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