Apple Patent Hints At All-Screen Bezel-Less iPhone 8

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Apple is known the World over for its pleasing on the eye smartphone design. However, as the design of its handsets has evolved the iPhones clunky bottom bezel, which is where the home button lives has started to look a little dated. So, yesterday a patent that was published, which indicates that Apple could be considering creating an all new bezel-less iPhone 8!

The idea behind this concept iPhone 8 is being called the, “Man-machine interface for controlling access to electronic device” and it was first filed back in March last year.

What the Bezel-less iPhone 8 Patent Says

“The man-machine interface device comprises an electronic display apparatus that is capable of presenting graphic text, images, icons, and other data typically shown on a screen. While further including a transparent finger touch sensor region, that is seated above the display apparatus.”

In the patent there are three different technologies talked about. All of which can work via a fingerprint sensor. One in particular, which is detailed as “The most accurate, but least common”. Is being called ultrasound imaging, and this means that a fingerprint reader would be embedded into the iPhone 8 display.

Superior Sensors

Keeping with fingerprint readers this kind of sensor. Two different types of sensors are positioned on the X and the Y axes of a piece of glass. One for receiving a signal and another for receiving a signal. This technology is used for propagating ultrasound waves through a piece of glass. So when a finger is positioned on top of the glass, the finger actually prevents the waves from travelling. This would then be picked up by the receiving sensor, which would then compare the difference in expected pattern to that received.

iPhone 8 Sensor technology

The patent goes on to note that although this kind of sensor technology is new and relatively untested. Early results have shown its viability and could be included in a possible iPhone 8.

More Patents

Apple has also been reported to have filed two other patents, which both relate to bezelless displays. I’m hoping this will be ready for the iPhone 8!

What makes me even surer that Apple will at some point bring us an iPhone, with an edge-to-edge display is the fact that it is buying fingerprint patents from other owners, such a Privaris. This fingerprint reader company had in the past indicated, that it had wanted to expand its fingerprint sensor design concepts. So Apple must have paid a fare amount of money for the patent.

Finally, one last report has also suggested that the iPhone 8 may come without a home button. Some rumors have suggested this about the iPhone 7 too. However, seeing as the patent is relatively new and how long this kind of technology can take to develop. It will more than likely be the iPhone 8 that receives this tech.

Final Thoughts

The fact that it has come to light that Apple has three patents related to a fingerprint reading display. Goes to show that Apple is looking to the future and trying to innovate. I personally can’t wait to see what the iPhone 8 may bring in 2017, can you?

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