Apple iPhone 5S Release Date And Everything Else You Need To Know

Apple iPhone 5S Release Date And Everything Else You Need To Know
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The iPhone 5S is almost here and people everywhere are trying to learn more about the upcoming gadget before it’s actually released. We’re pretty sure it will be unveiled on September 10th, most likely alongside the iPhone 5C, which is the rumored budget phone.

Apple iPhone 5S Release Date And Everything Else You Need To Know

iPhone 5S features

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5S won’t really look that much different from the iPhone 5. It will likely feature that two-toned metal/glass back and chamfered edges. It’s a pattern that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans are familar with. It’s also likely to feature the same four inch display. There have also been actual rumors that the next generation smartphone could come in two more color options: gold and grey.

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Apple’s iPhone 5S to gain a lot with iOS 7

The good news is that the impressive features of iOS 7 will definitely make up for it.  Last June, the Cupertino-based tech giant unveiled the next generation operating system, which was geared to be released in September around the same time the next iPhone would be released. While the actual phone device is like icing on a cake, the operating system is the cream filling.

iOS 7 Control Center

iOS 7 won’t disappoint, as it features Control Center that was made for easy access to certain controls and features. Then there is the Notification Center, which alerts users of calls or messages they missed. There is also a better camera with four different shooting formats including still, panorama, video, and square. In addition to all this, there will be Instagram-style filters that will allow more creative photo shoots.

The iPhone 5S unveiling is just weeks away but the rumors won’t stop. Fans won’t be satisfied until the next iPhone comes out and they can actually purchase the device.

Fans who want a cheaper device might also get their wish in the next few weeks, as it’s rumored that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will unveil the iPhone 5C. The purported budget device will be made from cheaper materials and will likely come in variety of bright colors. Of course, since it’s still an iPhone, it’s not likely to be as “cheap” as some hope. Some analysts predict it could cost $400 or more for an unsubsidized model.

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