Apple iOS 8.3 Update Includes Diverse Emojis, New Siri Voice

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Apple recently updated its mobile operating system to iOS 8.3, and it comes with a slew of nice upgrades. The update includes racially diverse emojis and a new voice for Siri.

The updated emojis include a wide range of smiley faces in different colors. The company’s attempts to make emojis more diverse came with resistance as some thought the “Asian” skin color looks too yellow. Others complained their new emojis showed up as mysterious aliens instead of the new emoticons. The reason for this is because the new emojis were sent to someone who doesn’t have an upgraded iOS.

A petition for ginger emojis

Even with new choices of more diverse emojis, some are still not satisfied. There is a petition on asking Apple to add redhead and ginger emojis. Not surprisingly, this petition garnered a lot of support. Serious food fans are also aiming for a taco emoji.

The iOS update includes a new voice for Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant. 9to5 Mac shared a video showcasing the vocal differences between the old Siri and the new Siri. The latter sounds much more natural as if an actual human is speaking. There is also a noticeable difference in the cadence of the voice; the pitch drops at the end of clauses, just like the voice of a natural English speaker.

Apple: Siri gets a vocal makeover

This isn’t the first time Siri got an update, but this is the first major update since iOS 7 debuted nearly two years ago. That was the update in which Apple dropped Susan Bennett’s voice, opting for two unnamed actors (one male and one female) instead.

Last, but certainly not least, the update now allows iPhone users to download free apps on iTunes without having to input their passwords or use their fingerprint. Many Apple users are often dismayed when annoying password prompts show up for free downloads.

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