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According to the latest information from Apple, the next generation iOS 10 operating system may be just six months away. This will be a milestone software release for both the iPhone and iPad, and a particularly critical piece of software considering that the iPhone 7 next year will probably represent a serious reboot of the smartphone concept.

Apple fans will be expecting something particularly outstanding from iOS 10 when it is released, so what features would Apple users particularly like to see included in this software? Here are a few suggestions.

iOS 10 – Release date

Firstly, Apple is likely to release the iOS 10 system at its WWDC 2016 keynote. Software releases usually feature an official introduction from Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering. This WWDC announcement should also coincide with the beta version of the software being made available to developers immediately. It is reasonable to expect the final iOS 10 system to launch alongside the iPhone 7 in what is likely to be September.

Device compatibility

One of the most surprising, and arguably welcome, aspects of iOS 9 was the fact that it was extremely supportive of older devices. For example, both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 will still work with Apple’s most recent operating system. However, this is likely to change with iOS 10, considering that the system may require more than 512 GB of RAM memory.

Nonetheless, it is reasonable to assume that the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and the bigger iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6 Plus among smartphones, and the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2 and probably even the original iPad Mini, will all run iOS 10 without difficulty.


Apple continues to work diligently on improving its Siri personal assistant, and one predicted improvement for the iOS 10 release of the software is that Siri will be able to handle voicemails. The personal assistant space is becoming more important every year, and Apple will be looking to produce a more efficient and fluid version of the software this time out.

3D Touch

The 3D Touch system was one of the most trumpeted elements of the iPhone 6S, it was certainly a major innovation for the smartphone. Nonetheless, the feeling persists with 3D Touch that, if not quite a gimmick, it is something of a one-trick pony at this point in time. Thus, Apple may look to ensure that 3D Touch has more of an influence over the Control Center in the iOS 10 release.

It is even possible that Apple may eliminate the Home button completely with the iPhone 7, and this would necessitate significant new functionality in iOS 10 in order to enable 3D Touch to deal with such features.

Control Center

In accordance with this suggestion, many Apple fans would like to see the Control Center made significantly more customizable. Both Apple software and hardware has been notable over the years for the fact that Apple sets many of its elements in stone. Thus, it would be nice to see the general, if gradual, trend of moving away from this mentality extend into a newly flexible Control Center.

Apple News

One small suggestion that many iOS users have made with regard to the operating system is that Apple News is too tucked away. iOS 10 could benefit by shifting this programme to the left-hand menu, ensuring that users can access it more easily.


One of the fiddly aspects of iOS is the placement of the volume controls, with the operating system making it difficult to turn down the volume on a video, for example, without firstly beginning it. In order to solve this problem, Android phone manufacturers have split volume controls into two or three groups. Apple should follow suit and offer this feature with iOS 10.

Cache issues

Caching and orientation can be an issue with the existing iOS system, and this could be resolved when iOS 10 is released. Bugs with these practices tend to cause issues for iPhone and iPad users, with the devices flipping involuntarily into landscape mode being a particular gripe. This seems to be a memory problem, and it is something that Apple could resolve when it releases the iOS 10 system.

Multi-user compatibility

Apple already updated iOS 9 to ensure that it delivered the split screen multitasking that was required for the iPad pro. And many users have praise the Bluetooth keyboard support included in the software as well. Yes Paul has yet to deliver a multi-user support in its flagship mobile operating system, which will be something of a sore point with Apple users considering that android tablets have had this feature for sometime. It’s time for Apple to write this wrong with iOS 10.

Touch ID

Some users have suggested that the Touch ID feature included in the iOS operating system can be rather too sensitive. It is thus suggested that Apple would benefit by including the option in iOS 10 to customize this aspect of the operating system more readily.

Apple Watch tie-in

A final expected aspect of the iOS 10 operating system is that it will enable both the iPhone 7 and next generation iPad releases to tie-in with the Apple Watch more readily. This impression has been confirmed by reports that the iPhone 7 will be significantly waterproof and dustproof when it is released, essentially providing a device that is more suited to health-tracking functionality.

With Apple expected to release an Apple Watch 2 in April of next year, improving the image and market penetration of the smartwatch will be critical to the corporation in 2016. This suggests that Apple will ensure that existing iPhone and iPad owners are incentivized to purchase the smartwatch, and it can do this by offering extra features via iOS 10.

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