Apple Inc. Seeks Engineers To Create Virtual Reality Displays

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Apple recently posted job listings for hardware and software engineers. These corporate job postings prompt speculations that the iPhone maker plans to build augmented reality hardware and software.

One position for a Senior Display Systems Engineer describes a candidate who will work with other engineers, including mechanical, software and electrical engineers. Other job duties featured in the description include testing virtual environment displays and working with vendors to create custom hardware. Other things described in the job posting include designing components for software and hardware.

Apple’s corporate job descriptions

This job description was first spotted by 9to5 Mac, and it noted that the tech giant is seeking applicants who know how to drive displays from multi-sync sources with low latency and high frame rates.

There are many hurdles involved in the process, and one of those hurdles involves creating a virtual reality headset with display latency and congruency for head movement. Facebook already learned this with Oculus. The company had to switch from LCD to OLED panels for the current development kit’s low latency capabilities.

Technology and experimentation

Oculus is also experimenting with vision implementations of low persistence. This change could reduce problems like motion blur by pixels at a high rate. When paired with head tracking technology with low persistence tech, it all translates into a better virtual reality experience. The new technology will also reduce the nauseous feeling some users occasionally experience due with virtual reality.

Apple also posted jobs for a VR/AR Programmer in both software and hardware categories. One of those listings first appeared two months ago, and the second showed up more recently. The job descriptions for these positions keep the focus on software that will be featured in future Apple devices for virtual reality features.

Apple’s interest in virtual reality technology seems relatively new. Just last week, the Cupertino-based tech giant was approved for a patent involving head-mounted virtual reality hardware with the iPhone as a display.

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