Apple Inc. Raises Product Prices In Canada And Europe

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Apple is increasing the prices of its lineup of Mac computers in Canada and Europe. The prices take affect today, and many customers in these countries may face sticker shock when purchasing a new Apple computer.

Apple’s recent price increase

Apple already increased the prices of its products in Europe once in March. The company is set to increase prices yet again due to the continued strengthening of the U.S. dollar. The price hike affects most European countries, including Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Shoppers in Europe can expect to see significant price increases of between €150 and €300. The cheapest version of the Mac Pro got a €400 increase. The more expensive version increased by €600.

Apple customers in Canada will also see major price hikes on select products. The iMac price increase ranges from C$100 to C$150. The MacBook Pro increase goes up to C$400, depending on the model.

The Cupertino giant was known for adjusting the prices on its goods to reflect the global economy. Four years ago, the tech giant even increased the price of its goods when the U.S. dollar decreased in value.

Apple Watch features smart apps for cars

Right now, one of Apple’s main focuses is the new Apple Watch. The smart wearable was designed to work with the iPhone, but it’s proving that it could be so much more. A recent post from Computer World shows how the device will replace car keys thanks to seven notable apps.

Many high-end automakers launched apps, including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, to improve the whole driving experience. Other car companies also launched similar apps for their new cars, including Volkswagen and Hyundai Blue Link. The former app will help drivers locate their parked cars and check if the vehicle windows are closed. The latter app also helps drivers find their parked cars and enables them to schedule service appointments.

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