Apple Inc. iOS Now Imitated By China’s Xiaomi

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has largely inspired the design of Xiaomi smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer, and now the same can be said about the MIUI 6, the default operating system of the phone. Its latest handset Mi4, which is very similar to the iPhone 5, will run on MIUI 6. The software is closely similar to the Apple iOS 7 with flat design and thrust on simplicity and color, says a report from Business Insider.

MIUI 6 or an Apple iOS 6 rip-off?

Although the flat design innovation cannot be attributed to Apple as it was not the first company to bring in the feature, the design received greatest attention, when it was launched in Apple, more than any other smartphone brand.

Xiaomi cannot be Apple even after using the pictures on its website, which are closely similar to the Apple’s own website.  To some, the new interface from the Chinese developers is nothing more than straight iOS 6 rip off.

There are apps such as calendar, compass and setting that are in the vicinity with that of iOS 7. A user will recall iOS 7 in no time, when big white spaces filled with bright colours in the core apps appear on the Xiaomi screen.

Apple inspired designs

Both clock and calculator app is better than before with some real word design. Additionally, a big target buttons previously in the camera app has been replaced by smaller buttons, which moves on the screen. The new design is clearer compared to the wide bands on the top and bottom of the icons.

Next, change has been made in the lockscreen that displays the number of unread notifications, and one can reach an app directly by clicking on the number. Also, the company has stuffed the non-intrusive notifications for incoming calls and messages while the user is busy with some other task.

Rather than just changing the looks of the icons and the interface, Xiaomi has walked an extra mile to enhance the apps. MIUI interface is capable of showing caller ID for unknown numbers through TrueCaller out of the box. Also, it is possible now to tick down certain service numbers and manage carrier’s customer care hotline through the dialer without going through the recorded message.

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