Apple iCar: Will It Be A Success Like iPhone?

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The motor world has been having concerns of a different ilk this year. These concerns have not been from Chinese car companies or Uber entering the automobile market. However, these concerns have been brought about by the fact that Apple may be entering automobile industry by making its own cars. The company definitely has software and hardware capabilities to facilitate this move. As much as these concerns were mere rumors, the CEO of Peugeot added fuel to the fire, when he declared that he could be open to making cars with Apple.

If Apple goes on to make a car, the car would be as sophisticated as their software and hardware have been so far. It would be as classy and innovative as the mobile phones that they have developed over the years. The car would be more refined than their iPhone series phones. In this regard, the company has been taking different steps that have suggested that the making of a car would be a possibility. There are several theories floating around as to the ways in which Apple would probably build the car. It may involve the acquisition of another car company such as Aston Martin. With such a company, Apple would develop a high-end, sophisticated product because of the synergistic concepts of these two companies. Alternatively, if Apple does not acquire another motor company, it would hire the services of engineering firms such as Lotus Engineering. Such a firm would do the same activities that Apple does with its iPhones.

News around the motor world has suggested that Apple has been poaching automotive expertise from other companies to aid in their preparations. The company has even had court settling sessions with A123 Systems who claim Apple tried to lure their research experts. Apple has hired experts from Volkswagen, Mercedes and Tesla, among other companies in the motor world. Additionally, the company has applied for road testing on public roads. The company has had several discussions with California DMV and GoMentum Station.

The making of a car by Apple would certainly cause massive ripples in the motor world. This is attributed to the fact that Apple is a high-quality software and hardware developer. If the company applies the same radical technological concepts that it has in the phone industry, then it is bound to develop incredible features like self-parking capabilities.

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