Apple Claims Google Warned Samsung Not To Copy iPhone And iPad

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Apple Claims Google Warned Samsung Not To Copy iPhone And iPad

With a just a week to trial, the unending Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Samsung litigation drama has yet again picked up momentum. Apple has prepared a distinctive piece of evidence sourced from Samsung’s own backyard. Apparently, Apple will use Samsung’s own words to win the patent battle.

An inconclusive version of Apple’s trial brief, boldly states that Samsung had prior knowledge of the resemblance between its products, and Apple’s iPad and iPhone. This trial brief also openly suggests that the striking resemblance was extensively discussed by Samsung, noting that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) had even warned Samsung of the resemblance.

While Samsung argues that its products are a result of ‘natural evolution’, Apple has not given in to such excuses and still remains adamant on its stand. In the brief, Apple argues that the so-called natural evolution, emanates from Samsung’s purposeful plan to bask in the success of the iPhone and the iPad. Interestingly, this shred of evidence exclusively depends on Samsung’s own documents, which happen tell a similar story

Samsung’s documents suggest that it was clearly warned by third parties, like Google, to steer clear of copying Apple products. The documents also confirm that the resemblance issue was candidly discussed within the company, discrediting previous claims that the resemblances were products of natural evolution.

According to Samsung’s own documents, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) raised the issue of resemblance in February 2010. The internet big wig allegedly told Samsung that its Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab10.1 were strikingly similar to the iPad. In addition to Google, Samsung’s Product Design Group and designers also later warned that the Galaxy S was a mirror image of previous iPhone models.

While this may seemingly appear to be a mountain of evidence, Samsung’s defense team appears to have the necessary tools to plow through the mountain. Supposedly, Samsung has 2006 internal design presentations. These presentations happen to outline a mobile UI, which bears great resemblance with the one that later debuted in the iPhone. In addition to that, Samsung claims that there some internal Apple emails suggesting that iPhone’s revolutionary designs were sourced from the designs of Sony.

We have had the opportunity to closely follow the drama unfold in the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Samsung litigation. The case has since blown out of proportion with an Australian judge recently arguing that the accusations were downright ridiculous.

As both heavyweights await next week’s highly anticipated trial, tension in the market continues to rise, as analysts speculate over the expected direction of the trial.

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