AM 2015 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting With Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger – Full Q&A

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Full Q&A morning session from the 2015 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting with the world’s richest man and most successful investor, Warren Buffett and his partner, Charlie Munger.

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AM 2015 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting With Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger - Full Q&A


I'm Warren. This is Charlie. He can hear. I can see we worked together. In just a couple of minutes we'll move on to the questions and answers and follow the same procedures as in previous years. But first there's just a couple of special introductions I'd like to make and I'd like to start off with John Landis and we have a spotlight that we can pick out John John is the man that directed can see that center of the Floyd Mayweather fight. And as John as you know are directed coming to America Animal House and the one I particularly like is trading places if you haven't seen Trading Places. By all means get to it. As Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy and Charlie's favorite Jamie Lee Curtis is a truly great movie. It brought back Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche dynamite you had disappeared. We got to get a light on. We get a line on John where's John it should be right down here. We're going to fly over here. Come on. You got it. Well John thank you. Thank you. Thank you. He did all that. Now came to the meeting we really appreciate it. The other person I want to say a special thanks for is a young 30 year old woman who has one and a half year old baby at home and manages to put on this whole event with the help of hundreds that come from various companies. And that's Kari Salvado Carrion's here that we can give her thanks.

Carrie a few months ago while she was already working on this meeting I said to Kerry I thought you'd be kind of nice if we had a a commemorative book of a retrospective on the 50 years. And I said Would you mind turning out to a book you know in your spare time during these couple of months while you're putting together the meeting and she put together what I think is an absolutely terrific book which we have outside we printed up. We thought we printed 15000 copies but I think they're not quite that many. We sold 5000 yesterday and then held back copies. But it's it's really a nice history of Berkshire Hathaway and the credit 100 percent goes to Carrie for putting that together. So I just like to thank her personally and I hope you'll find her well. We'll have the annual meeting at 330 and at that time we will be voting on directors. But many of you will be here at that time. Also we'll have a full house and here I should mention all of the overflow rooms here at the Century Link are full. Now there may be seats. We've got the grand ballroom and the second ballroom over at the Hilton and there may be some seats left over at the Hilton so if he can't find a seat here at the CenturyLink either here or in the overflow rooms at least give it a try over there at the Hilton. We got all the rooms we could possibly get. But I think the attendance may have room the seats this time. I'd like to introduce the directors.

And like I say you'll vote on them a little after 330 and if they'll stand up we're going to light down here and withhold your applause until the end and you can withhold that then if you would like. And we'll do this alphabetically. You've met Charlie of course but I start with Howard Buffett Steve Burke Sue Dacher Bill Gates Sandy godsman Charlotte Guymon Tom Murphy Ron Olson Walter Scott and Merrill Murmu.

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