Alleged iPhone 5 Motherboard Leaked [PHOTOS]

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More photos of purported parts for the future iPhone 5 have been surfacing the web. This time it’s what looks like what could be the motherboard.

Alleged iPhone 5 Motherboard Leaked [PHOTOS]
Source: Pixabay

The images were found on the WeiUser forum. These images show the front side and the back side of the board which is supposed to hold key parts like the processor and chips.  We obviously don’t see the actual processor in the images but we do see a SIM card slot which looks smaller that the ones sported on the last two iPhone models. This may be the first actual appearance of the rumored change.  We’ve been hearing for months now that the iPhone 5 will feature a smaller SIM card.

Technology repair company iDeviceGuys reported to 9to5Mac that Apple has been peddling the SIM card changes as standard. They also claimed the the battery connector has four pins, not five. None of these rumors have proved to be true and Apple has still yet to confirm anything. It’s reported that Apple will introduced their sixth generation smartphone on September 12, and subsequently launch the product on September 21.

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We’re getting a lot of rumors and reports that show or describe parts of the iPhone 5, which has yet to be confirmed as an actual device. It’s interesting to see how so many people are able to find parts of this device and photograph them, when Apple takes a lot of precaution to keep their information locked. What’s more interesting is that Apple isn’t going after the individuals or websites that are displaying private information, at least that we know of. This could mean that most or all of these rumors are not true, or it could mean that Apple is currently making changes to the iPhone 5 to keep the element of surprise. If the latter is true, that might push the introduction and launch dates even further. Fortunately, I’m sure Apple has this all under control, and still has plans to launch their phone in the near future.

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