Alibaba Enters Top 20 List Of Most Widely Held Inst Stocks

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Chinese global e-commerce firm Alibaba entered the list of top 20 stocks owned by institutional investors through their asset managers for the first time since eVestment began publishing its Institutional Stock Ownership Report. Alibaba entered the list at No. 20.


See 2017 Hedge Fund Letters.

The 4Q 2017 eVestment Stock Ownership Report looks at institutional investor stock ownership trends based on data provided to eVestment by institutional asset managers working on behalf of those investors. The data is updated quarterly and the report looks at the overall top 20 institutional investor stock holdings and at holdings across several categories of stocks and geographies, including U.S. large cap value, U.S. mid cap core, all UK equity, all Japan equity and all emerging markets equity.

Other interesting points from the 4Q 2017 Institutional Stock Ownership Report include:

  • Adobe Systems made the top 10 largest holdings for U.S. large cap growth managers in Q4 2017, with Celgene dropping from 7th to 14th.
  • Bank of America and Amazon were added to the top 10 holdings of U.S. large cap core managers in the final quarter of 2017.
  • Close to a tenth of small cap growth managers established new positions in EPAM Systems during 4Q 2017, pushing it to the sixth largest holding among small cap growth managers.
  • Vodafone entered the top 10 most held companies for U.K. equity managers in Q4 2017 displacing Unilever, which has had its own challenges during 2017.
  • Hitachi re-entered Japanese equity managers’ top 10 holdings, pushing Honda Motor off the list.

To download a full copy of the report, please click here.

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