Lesser Known Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Motor Trend’s Car Of The Year

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Alfa Romeo Giulia has won the 70th annual Motor Trend Car of the Year. Motor Trend evaluated 26 models with 46 variants to conclude Alfa Romeo Giulia as the 2018 car of the year. The car selected for the title ranks high on design, engineering, safety, value and performance.

All praising Alfa Romeo Giulia

Most Americans may not know about the Alfa Romeo, a Fiat Chrysler brand. The brand exited the U.S. some twenty years backs, and returned only recently with Giulia as its flagship car. The two-seater sports car went on sale in the U.S. in 2014.

In a statement, Reid Bigland, Head of Alfa Romeo said, “The Motor Trend Car of the Year award acknowledges all of the hard work, dedication and passion that went into developing the entire Giulia lineup – including our record-breaking Giulia Quadrifoglio – which revolutionizes the segment and pays tribute to our storied heritage and racing pedigree.”

Alfa Romeo Giulia is a premium mid-size sedan, etched with Italian craftsmanship, best in class performance and state-of-the-art technology. Motor Trend admired the vehicle for its four-cylinder motor, twin-turbochargers, 2-liter engine while also presenting itself as a comfortable sports sedan selling under $40,000. In addition to the performance, the magazine was also impressed with the cars design – both inside and outside.

“Motor Trend’s judges agreed that the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the new ultimate driving machine,” said Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief, Ed Loh, in a press release. “Alfa Romeo developed a car that is perhaps the finest handling sedan on the market.”

Guest judge Chris Theodore, a former Ford and Chrysler product development executive stated that the Alfa Romeo Giulia has the “best steering and chassis — this car saves the sport sedan market…. It was the only car that said ‘You’re in charge. You want to be nice and tidy, I can be tidy. You want to be crazy and drift me wild, I’ll be right there with you,'”

Tesla Model 3 fails to impress

Tesla Model 3 was also a contender for the top honor. Though Motor Trend was impressed with the car’s performance, the test car’s $60,000 price tag disappointed them. Tight back seats and cheap-seeming interior materials also went against the Tesla car, noted CNN. In 2012, the Tesla Model S won the Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award.

Motor Trend awarded Ford’s F-150 pickup as Truck of the Year, citing a more intuitive infotainment system, improved safety ratings, better steering and improved interiors. The title for the SUV of the year went to the Honda CR-V. The Honda vehicle won praises for its stylish, redesigned interior.

To be considered for these awards, a car should either be a new model or the redesigned version for 2018. Participants who fight for the car of the year award are put through hard-hitting tests to zero in on the car that offers exceptional value, is best in its segment and leaves an impact in the automotive space. The 2018 competition saw more than 7,000 miles of driving, real-world testing with potholes, steep grades, jagged pavement, misaligned railroad crossings and avoidance maneuvers.

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