Albert Boufarah Discusses All of The Services SAMR Inc. Offers to Businesses, Schools, and Hospitals

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When outdated IT equipment needs to be replaced, your company’s IT specialists may search for the most experienced & qualified electronics recycling firm. Albert Boufarah and his company, SAMR Inc., provide advanced methods of recycling this equipment safely and securely. Their services are available to companies of all sizes, but they specialize in recycling large volumes of computer and IT equipment for large-scale businesses & schools.

Albert Boufarah explains how his e-waste & computer recycling center in Lakewood, NJ provides the best services for old technology disposal, with an emphasis on security, convenience, and environmental responsibility.

Handling Security Concerns

Large employers often store highly sensitive information on their computers and servers. Medical facilities & educational institutions, along with many small & large businesses, keep detailed records of personal data belonging to patients, students, staff & customers that a criminal could obtain for illicit purposes. When computers are carelessly discarded, this leaves an opportunity for bad actors to access your data.

Your IT staff may have the mistaken impression that reformatting and using “drive eraser” software is enough to wipe a hard drive so that its data can never be accessed in the future. But there are still ways in which hackers can recover the information. SAMR Inc. can securely destroy the data on your company’s hard drives using proven, time-tested methods. SAMR Inc. provides a certificate of recycling for all data destruction work, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data cannot be retrieved at any point in the future.

The company’s facility is securely monitored, ensuring that computer equipment cannot be accessed by potential scavengers.

Recycling Can Be Convenient

Albert Boufarah & SAMR Inc. focus on making their services accessible to all businesses & individuals. They prioritize offering numerous options for companies to recycle their obsolete electronics. SAMR Inc. can drop off secure containers to be filled with all types of electronics. They can pick up equipment in their own fleet of trucks. It is also possible for companies & residents to drop off their e-waste & monitor recycling at the company’s facility in Lakewood, NJ.

Recycling All Types of Electronic Waste

SAMR Inc. not only recycles desktop computers but can also perform laptop & cell phone recycling. Companies that need to dispose of large quantities of these devices should know that in addition to proper recycling, they also destroy all data through Department of Defense (DOD) standard wipes or physical destruction of hard drives & memory storage devices.

Environmental Responsibility

In addition to data security, SAMR Inc. is highly concerned with environmental responsibility. Many IT staff are unaware that their outdated computer equipment is filled with dangerous environmental pollutants that should not be exposed to the elements. These chemicals can leach into groundwater and soil, which can contribute to numerous ecological & health problems.

Specifically, metals like cadmium, lead, and mercury can cause severe health problems if ingested or inhaled. These include liver and kidney problems, increasing the likelihood of birth defects and hormone imbalances that affect a child’s development.

Legal Compliance

Many companies are not aware that much of the United States has laws associated with the proper disposal of e-waste. These laws were put into place to help keep computers and other electronic equipment out of the waste stream and landfills, where they can cause environmental harm as well as affect soil & water streams making them a threat to public health.

Companies that do not properly dispose of their e-waste may be subject to fines and, in some cases, face criminal charges. Ignorance of state and municipal laws is not an excuse for non-compliance. It pays to stay on top of the ever-changing legal landscape to ensure that you comply with everything currently on the books.

Serving Large Companies

Some electronics recyclers cannot handle the workload of servicing large companies, but there is no job too high in volume for SAMR Inc. No matter how many electronics you have to recycle, the company can take care of it.

Responsibly Handling Your E-Waste

Regardless of state and municipal laws, every company has a responsibility to handle its old electronics in a way that respects the environment and the waste stream. Albert Boufarah & SAMR Inc. have built a reputation over more than 20 years of being a reliable, trustworthy destination for electronic waste & LCD recycling.

Upgrading many machines at once is a fact of life for large employers. Specialized state-of-the-art tech recycling centers like SAMR Inc. are especially proficient in taking on these responsibilities. Break out of the box when it comes to recycling your e-waste and look into companies that can dispose of it safely and securely.