87 Percent of American adults now use the internet: Pew Research

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A recent poll from Pew Research confirms something that most people knew all along: 87% of American adults are on the internet.

New poll seeks to find America’s usage rates of the internet

The research company polled 1,000 adults in the United States. Not surprisingly, internet usage is highest in certain groups, namely college educated young adults. This includes the 99% of those who take home $75,000 or more and 97% of millennials (those aged between 18 to 29).

68% of adults polled connect via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. About half the group (53%) admitted they would have a hard time giving the internet up. And 49% of cell phone owners would have a hard time giving up their gadgets. Not surprisingly, smartphones have really changed the way people use the internet. In a similar Pew Research poll which was conducted in 2000, only 53% of those polled owned phones. Comparable that with the more recent 90% of those polled who own mobile phones. Back in 2011, 35% of those in the poll owned smartphones; more recent results show that number grew to 58%.

Most Americans find the internet useful and friendly

Perhaps one of the most important questions in Pew Research’s latest poll is: what do internet users really think of the internet? 90% of those in the poll think the internet is a good thing personally and only 6% don’t. A much smaller number (3%) think the internet is both good and bad. Similarly, those polled in the survey (about 76%) also believe the internet is good for society.

Despite all the reports of the internet being a hostile place full of vile comments and arguments on various online communities, most internet users have more positive experiences. 70% of users report they have been treated well online, but 25% claim to have been attacked online. More importantly, the internet actually helps many seek solutions to life’s most pressing problems. 56% of those polled report they have seen online communities help others solve issues.

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