3rd Party Facebook Inc (FB) Apps Share 1 Billion Stories A Day

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), highlighting its developers platform, revealed how the third party apps derive the advantage from the social network by connecting to the users.

3rd Party Facebook Inc (FB) Apps Share 1 Billion Stories A Day

Doug Purdy, Director of Product Manager said that approximately 550 million people use third party applications on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and share 1 billion stories every day. Six years ago the giant social networking site opened up itself for the third party app developers and since then the third party apps have been gaining. Doug Purdy said this in a press conference held in the Facebook headquarters.

“We live in a world of heterogeneous devices, and what we’re trying to do is create a platform where third-party developers can create an experience that is focused on people.” Purdy said that the developers create apps, which is focused on people rather than on devices.

 Other discussions

Purdy also mentioned about the mobile figures in the conference and said that the company has made massive efforts in developing the mobile Facebook in the previous year and at present it is available on 80 percent of iOS apps and 70 percent of Android apps.

Purdy discussed the vital status of gaming on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and also the intentions of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) behind the acquisition of the development start-up Parse. The Parse is a platform, which allows developers to build apps for one operating system, and then these apps can be transferred to the other platforms. For instance, the apps that are developed on iOS can be transferred to Android. This way one app can be used on multiple devices across various operating systems.

Restrictions on app developers

In March this year, the app developers showed their anger when Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) restricted the apps. The app developers have been an important part of Facebook since the social media giant gets the massive benefits from the users interacting with the third party apps on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). However, in order to restrict spam, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) started blocking applications, which were in straight competition with the apps of Facebook, according to the developers.

Antoine Marcos, who is a developer in Paris, got an email from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in which it was mentioned that the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is ending the ties with his Vintage Camera photo-sharing app. Apart from Vintage Camera photo sharing app, the other apps blocked by Facebook were Voxer, Wonder social discovery and Twitter Inc.’s Vine video app. The social networking giant did not allow the apps to use those resources, which were vital in order to lure the users to use the app.

Though the app developers were furious over the whole matter and other restrictions placed by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), but the recent numbers thrown by Doug Purdy assures that everything with developers is going fine.

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