Innovative 3D Printed iPhone 6 Accessories That You May Need

Innovative 3D Printed iPhone 6 Accessories That You May Need
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Millions of consumers across the world have purchased Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Accessories for the new iPhones have flooded the markets even before the launch of the device. But there weren’t many innovative accessories. But thanks to 3D printing technology, there are some unique, useful and weird iPhone 6 accessories that many people may find interesting.

A special case for your bent iPhone 6

Rumors of the iPhone 6 bending in users’ pockets were blown out of proportion. Consumer Reports found that most smartphones with metal chassis bend when applied certain pressure, including the latest Galaxy Note 4. But some users remain skeptical. Shapeways has launched a new range of pre-bent iPhone 6 case, which you can buy for just $20. It is available in multiple colors including Pressure Purple, OMG Orange and Bent Blue.

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Patented technology to protect your phone

The above case is for users whose iPhone 6 has already bent out of shape. Is there anything for those looking to prevent bending of their new devices? Yes, go for the iDon’t Bend 6 iPhone case. It uses a “proprietary phone truss technology” to protect your phone from deformation and bending. Since it uses a patented technology, this case is quite expensive at $210.

iPhone 6 case for diabetics

The Diabetes Insulin Pen, mini kit (via costs $60, but it’s pretty useful for diabetics. It has a spot where you can put a folded piece of paper, which could include instructions. Another spot is for an insulin pen. What’s more, it has a warning that reads, “Medical Alert, I have diabetes.”

iPhone 6 SunShade

When using their new device in the sunlight, many users get irritated. 3D printing has a special solution for them as well, for just $38. The iPhone 6 SunShade efficiently blocks the sun out so that you can see your phone’s screen without much trouble.

iPhone 6 Sun

iPhone 6 Slide Out Comb

It’s perfect for those with long hair. The iPhone 6 Slide Out Comb features a comb tucked away in the back of the phone. Use it to look your best before capturing another snap. It costs $34.99.

We expect to see some more 3D printed accessories in coming days and weeks.

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