The Merits of Utilising Contact Centre as a Service Software in a Global Pandemic

Are you running an existing contact centre? Or, are you considering opening up a new contact centre based on the remote working model, as prescribed by the boundaries and tenets set in place due to the global COVID-19 pandemic that seems to be increasing rather than lessening?

The remote-working business model 

It is interesting to note that the remote working model has now become widespread, with most global businesses allowing as many staff to work from home as possible. Not only does this mitigate the risk of employees contracting the virus and passing it onto each other in high-volume work environments like call centres, but it also allows businesses to remain operational during the pandemic, especially during the hard lockdown periods.

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In fact, it is safe to say that call centres are even more important during the lockdown than they were before the lockdown. This is not to say that they didn’t previously fulfil a vital role in the customer service industry. However, because all non-essential businesses were closed, the call centre became the first port of call for customer queries. This trend seems to be continuing in spite of the opening of the economy. Thus, it is essential to deliver an extremely high-quality service if at all possible.

Implementing CCaaS software for call centre operational success 

However, the caveat with a remote call centre model is how to equip employees with the correct tools to excel at their jobs while working from home. It is not just a case of giving staff a laptop and a mobile phone and hoping that the call centre operations are successful.

The answer to the implied question of which software model to implement to ensure a successful remote call centre operation is the CCaaS or Contact Centre as a Service software model.

What is CCaaS? 

Succinctly stated, it is a cloud-based software deployment model that is modular in its structure. And it enables companies to purchase the functionality that they require. They do not have to buy the whole package.

This concept has many benefits, including the following:


Cloud-based application software can be very expensive, and there is every chance that individual companies do not need all of the offered functionality. Therefore, by paying for what the company requires, both reduces costs and increases the ROI .

Market leader in call centre operational software 

Implementing a cloud-based solution is preferable to developing turnkey software. The reason for this is simple. A well-established, reputable cloud-based CCaaS solution has a solid history of operating success. There won’t be any bugs or operational issues to iron out; thereby, saving the business time and money, and ensuring that the operation is profitable and functional from the start.