Coronavirus stimulus: Petition seeks $600 weekly checks for essential workers

Coronavirus stimulus: Petition seeks $600 weekly checks for essential workers
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The negotiations for the next round of coronavirus stimulus are likely to start next week. If you, and many like you, want something to be part of the next package, then you have a week to make yourself heard. The best way to do so is starting or supporting a coronavirus stimulus checks related petition.

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Petition asks coronavirus stimulus checks for workers

Currently, many petitions related to coronavirus stimulus checks are trending. One such petition calls the government to send $600 weekly federal checks to essential workers. This petition has already been signed by over 590,000 people as of July 14. You can find this petition on

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“My name is Dana, and I am one of many essential workers still actively employed. As essential workers, we are all doing the important work of supporting this country but we are not being cared for by our politicians and lawmakers,” the petition says.

Explaining further why there is a need for the $600 federal coronavirus stimulus checks, the petition says the essential workers witnessed a drastic change in their life routine due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are not only working more hours, but are also “homeschooling our children while wearing masks to protect ourselves and everyone we come in contact with,” the petition says.

Several people who supported the petition, detailed the hardship that they are facing in their work.

“I sign this petition because not only am I risking my life to keep the economy from suffering but also risking my families life coming home to them every night not knowing what day I might catch contact of COVID-19,” one person said.

Petition to cancel student loans

Another popular coronavirus stimulus petition is related to student loans. This petition urges the federal government to cancel student loan debt and has already reached 1.2 million signatures.

This petition by Student Debt Crisis, a non-profit focused on student loan debt, has been submitted to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Both Student Debt Crisis and Warren believe that student loan forgiveness will help families and the economy as well.

Student loan forgiveness was a major point of Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign. Warren believes that student loan forgiveness is morally and economically right.

“We need to do it because we’re in a crisis, and we need to do it because we can do it,” she says.

There are already many proposals in Congress – both from the House and Senate – that favor canceling student loan debt. The HEROES Act, which has been passed by the house, proposes student loan forgiveness of $10,000 for those struggling financially. Senate Republicans, however, don’t support a plan to cancel student debt.

The latest statistics on student loan debt reveal that there are about 45 million borrowers, who owe $1.6 trillion of student loan debt.

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