The Emperor Is Naked

The Emperor Is Naked
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Do you remember the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes? If you don’t, you can google it later.

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Trump's Promises

When he campaigned for the presidency, Donald Trump made four big promises:

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  1. He would build a big beautiful wall along our Southern border and get Mexico to pay for it.
  2. He would bring down the national debt.
  3. Trump would replace Obamacare with a much better healthcare plan.
  4. He would grow our economy much faster than President Barack Obama had.

How well has that all worked out for him? Well, to even ask that question is to answer it. Indeed, even the most adoring of the president’s followers might now be willing to concede that just maybe their beloved leader did not fully deliver on his promises.

And now, he has clearly failed to keep still another promise – to make America safe again. Forget about all the Mexican rapists and drug dealers. By far, a much more clear and present danger is the quickly spreading coronavirus.

Trump’s sole good move was restricting travelers from China from entering our country, which bought us several precious weeks to set up our defenses against the spread of the virus.

Trump Asks To Ramp Production Of Test Kits

But then, instead of directing the Centers for Disease Control to order millions of test kits, and to provide free testing to every American with flu-like symptoms or who had been exposed to the virus, the president just dropped the ball. That stable genius, who clearly knew more about epidemiology than the nation’s thousands of epidemiologists, blithely suggested that the coronavirus would disappear as the weather turned warmer in the coming months.

In response to more and more cases were reported across the nation during the last few weeks, the stock markets had tanked. This seemed to upset the president far more than the gathering epidemic.

Each day the number of cases grew, quickly followed by deaths caused by the virus. And still, Trump dithered about taking concrete actions to curb the spread of this deadly virus.

Finally, a week ago, he asked the CDC to order a huge ramping up of the production of test kits. Consequently, over the next few weeks, we shall see a huge spiking in the number of reported cases across the nation.

Donald Trump has bluffed and lied his way through the first three and a half years of his presidency. But now, he is finally being exposed for deceitful ignoramus he really is. Our emperor has been exposed by the naked truth.

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