Amazon and Instacart drivers’ may go on a strike


New Consensus Statement on the Need for Wartime Economic Mobilization

WASHINGTON, DC — New Consensus Executive Director Demond Drummer released the following statement in response to news that prices of some commodities have already tripled, and that Amazon and Instacart drivers have announced their intention to strike:

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“Since this crisis began, New Consensus has been urging supply-side measures in addition to the sorely-needed demand-side measures we have begun taking. If we fail to act, we risk not only more death and debilitation, but also the nullification of our demand-side measures themselves by inflating the prices of scarce goods and services.

“Now it has been announced that prices for foodstuffs and some other commodities have doubled or tripled in recent days, and Amazon and Instacart drivers have announced an intention to strike. In short, both production and distribution capacity are now shrinking. We urge the White House and Congress to get serious about mobilizing production and distribution capacity.

“We have been here before, during our two world wars, and we took bold action. The Coronavirus is a far more lethal invader of our shores and interior than any wartime enemy has been in our nation's history. It is time that we treated it as such.”

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