White House snow tweet triggers mocking responses

White House snow tweet triggers mocking responses
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The White House made a huge mistake with its Twitter account on Sunday. White House staff tweeted a photo of snow falling with the message “First snow of the year!” The White House snow tweet quickly drew criticism because it didn’t snow on Sunday. In fact, temperatures reached 70 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

White House snow tweet draws criticism

It seems clear that the White House snow tweet was a big mistake:

The photo that was tweeted was actually taken on Jan. 7. That’s the date when White House staff posted it on the official Flickr account. On that day, it wasn’t just snow falling, however. The Flickr post indicates that it was a rain and snow mix occurring in Washington, D.C. It’s possible the White House staffer who posted the same photo on Twitter forgot to include the date with the photo.

Other weather-related problems for the Trump administration

Some Twitter users remembered the time President Trump said Hurricane Dorian could threaten Alabama in September. He held up a map in the Oval Office which showed the possible path of the hurricane as it approached Florida.

Fox News later reported that Trump was shown another image before his FEMA briefing that showed a previous forecast track and so-called “cone of uncertainty,” which had Dorian moving north through Florida and then just barely grazing Alabama. When he was asked about the discrepancy later, he insisted that Alabama was facing a risk at some point and added that forecast tracks have changed quite a bit at various times.

Trump when on the defense after the incident. We don’t expect any such response to the White House snow tweet because it seems like a silly mistake that triggered widespread mockery and some angry posts and articles.

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