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    Top 10 best cities for keeping new year’s resolutions

    How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? We are a couple of weeks into 2020, and a lot of people have already broken their 2020 resolutions. Many more will give up on their resolutions in the next few weeks. Personal finance website WalletHub says the city you live in plays a significant role in whether you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Here we take a look at the top 10 best cities for keeping New Year’s resolutions.

    Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are exercising more, losing weight, saving more money, learning a new skill, quitting smoking, traveling more, and reading more. We are super excited about our resolutions at the beginning of the new year. But the excitement fades in just a few days, and we slowly give up.

    According to the US News & World Report, about 80% people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by mid-February. But it’s not entirely because you are terrible at sticking to your resolutions. WalletHub says people living in a neighborhood with no nearby fitness centers or sidewalks are less likely to feel encouraged to exercise.

    If your neighborhood has plenty of fast food restaurants, you are less likely to eat healthy when you dine out. Your neighborhood or city could affect how well you stick to your New Year’s resolutions, especially if your motivation is not that strong in the first place.

    WalletHub has ranked more than 180 US cities based on 57 key metrics such as income growth, employment outlook, gyms per capita, restaurants per capita, and more. The ranking reflects how conducive a city is to self-improvement. These are the top 10 best cities for keeping New Year’s resolutions.

    10- Fremont, California

    Fremont is one of the happiest and hardest-working cities in the United States. The rapidly growing technology center received a total score of 63.44. It ranked second in financial resolutions, ninth for health resolutions, and 16th for bad-habit resolutions. Fremont didn’t perform well in relationship resolutions and school & work resolutions.

    9- Salt Lake City, Utah

    One of the most charitable cities in America is also pretty conducive to New Year’s resolutions. Salt Lake City scored 63.98. It ranked 15th for health resolutions, 21st for bad-habit resolutions, and 24th for financial resolutions.

    8- Plano, Texas

    Plano is the happiest city in the country. It has one of the lowest depression rates, unemployment rates, and poverty rates. The Texan city received a score of 64.02 in WalletHub’s ranking. It ranked fourth for financial resolutions, 12th for bad-habit resolutions, and 16th for school & work resolutions.

    7- Austin, Texas

    According to WalletHub, Austin is the 7th best city for keeping New Year’s resolutions with a score of 64.95. Austin ranked first for income growth, sixth in gyms per capita, 13th for school & work resolutions, and 14th for relationship resolutions.

    6- Irvine, California

    California dominates the ranking with five cities among top ten best cities for keeping New Year’s resolutions. The master-planned city of Irvine scored 65.84 points in WalletHub study. It ranked third for financial resolutions, fourth for school & work resolutions, and eighth for bad-habit resolutions.

    5- San Jose, California

    San Jose is one of the best cities in the country in terms of physical and emotional well-being. It also offers plenty of employment opportunities. The city received a score of 66.20. It ranked sixth for heath resolutions, ninth for financial resolutions, and second for bad-habit resolutions.

    4- Seattle, Washington

    The Emerald City received a score of 67.22. Seattle is an expensive city to live in, but it offers lucrative employment and academic opportunities. It ranked third for relationship resolutions, fourth for health resolutions, and 10th for financial resolutions. However, in school & work resolutions, it lags far behind at 110th.

    3- San Francisco, California

    The global technology hub is the third best city for keeping New Year’s resolutions with a score of 67.35. People in the San Francisco Bay area are paid pretty well. It ranked first for relationship resolutions and second for health resolutions. However, San Francisco did not perform well in bad-habit resolutions and school & work resolutions.

    2- Scottsdale, Arizona

    Scottsdale is part of the Greater Phoenix area in Arizona. The New York Times once described it as the “desert version of Miami’s South Beach.” Scottsdale ranked first for school & work resolutions, fifth for health resolutions, and seventh for financial resolutions. It received a score of 67.93.

    1- San Diego, California

    With a score of 68, San Diego is the best city for keeping New Year’s resolutions. It ranked first for health resolutions and second for relationship resolutions. San Diego has the best social environment of any city, according to WalletHub.


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