This Apple Watch ECG hack enables it in unsupported countries

This Apple Watch ECG hack enables it in unsupported countries
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The Apple Watch’s ECG feature isn’t available in every country where the watch is sold, but it is possible to enable the feature even if you are in a country that doesn’t offer support for it. This Apple Watch ECG hack will allow you to enable the feature in a country where Apple doesn’t technically offer it.

Caveats for the workaround

This method works on a Series 4 and Series 5 models running on watchOS 6 with an iPhone running on iOS 13 or later. It doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone either.

Before you try the Apple Watch ECG hack, there are some caveats you must understand. The most important caveat is that the watch must have been purchased in a country where support for the ECG feature is enabled. You also need an iPhone with the latest version of iOS. Additionally, you need a Mac or PC and the iMazing app to enable support of the ECG feature.

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Finally, you must have collected some type of data in the Health app on the iPhone you’re using for the hack. If you don’t already have any data collected in the Health app, you must take steps to get some data in there. Even just taking a walk and having the app count your steps is considered to be health data.

Before you try this trick, take a complete backup of your iPhone.

Try this Apple Watch ECG hack

Redmond Pie explained the Apple Watch ECG hack in a recent post.

  1. Start by unpairing the Apple Watch from the iPhone it’s paired with.
  2. Download iMazing to create an encrypted backup of the iPhone. This backup is in addition to the regular backup you took before you started the process. However, you need an encrypted backup in order for this hack to work. You can download iMazing here.
  3. Now edit the encrypted backup you created in the iMazing app. Choose the backup you created inside the app and tap “Edit.”
  4. Choose “Editable Backups” on the left and go to HomeDomain/Library/Preferences.
  5. Go to GitHub and get this PLIST and place it in that location. If there is one there already, then you must overwrite it with the new file. The file should activate the ECG app on the Apple Watch no matter which country it is located in.
  6. Restore your iPhone using the encrypted backup you edited. In the iMazing app, choose the correct file from “Editable Backups” on the left side and click “Restore to Devices” on the right.
  7. After the iPhone has been restored, pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone again and set it up as if it is a new watch. If you restore the device from a backup, it will overwrite the process you just followed.
  8. The ECG app should then be available.

This Apple Watch ECG hack should work as of iOS 13.2 on the iPhone and the Apple Watch Series 5 running on watchOS 6.1.

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