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The Most Expensive and Cheapest Kratom Companies

Kratom is a tropical plant which grows in South Asian countries. It is one of the most notorious herbs in the world and continues to remain in headlines for all the wrong reasons. Because of its controversial legal status in different countries, the best place to buy kratom is through an online platform. However, there are many companies which are lucky enough to produce and sell it in countries where it is legal. In this article, we will guide you through some of the most sought after companies which sell good quality kratom powder to people.

What are user’s claims?

Kratom is consumed in many different forms by people. Earlier people would chew boiled kratom leaves, but now it is available in the form of powder, pills, medicine, tea, kava, weed etc. An important point to note here is not even a single scientific research backs kratom as a medical drug, yet there are many people in this world who are swooning over this plant. Users claim it provides relaxation and a mild body buzz. It is important to note that the FDA has warned against the use of kratom.

Most expensive kratom providing companies

  • Coastline Kratom

This company is a Florida based vendor and focuses on primarily selling kratom products to its customers. This online store was founded back in 2015 and provides customer satisfaction to all its clients. This company provides free shipping within the US and has products being sold at economical prices.

  • Kats Botanicals

They have a large customer base and make sure the clients are satisfied with the products they have. Kats botanicals have its approach to selling kratom powder to the public. Furthermore they also provide educational articles to customer who purchases it. The best part about this company is they strictly adhere to the good manufacturing practice standards which not many companies follow.

  • USA Botanicals

This company is loved by the customers, for it provides high-quality kratom at market competitive price. The intriguing part about USA botanicals is customers have nine different strains to choose from. So this means everyone can have their say in buying the kind of powder they want. They charge whopping $74.99 for an order of 1000 grams.

  • Kratom Crazy

This company is a veteran professional in its way and continues to garner good reviews by customers. In a short time, kratom crazy has been able to unearth many satisfying customer reviews and is known for its good quality kratom powder. Interestingly, this company is very vocal about its manufacturing process and leaves no room for confusion.

  • Happy Hippo Kratom

If you had ever visited their website before and returned, you must visit it again. Their website looks old school, but they sell good quality kratom powder to the customers. They have many other herbal products too. However, their theory behind dividing the products is based on their effectiveness. The ordering process is feasible and offers same-day shipping.

  • Kratom Spot

This company aims to deliver natural kratom to its users throughout the US. They also claim they don’t use additives or chemicals to preserve kratom for a long time. Furthermore they also sell kratom in the form of powder and capsules. The intriguing part about the company is their products are lab tested and feasible for use.

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