Wells Adams Won’t Marry Chris Harrison And Sarah Hyland

Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams admits Chris Harrison “probably won’t” marry him and Sarah Hyland

Wells Adams

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LOS ANGELES (August 6th, 2019) – In today’s episode of the hit podcast, The LadyGang, Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams revealed that despite Chris Harrison marrying his fellow co-stars, Chris probably won’t marry him and Sarah Hyland. The full episode is available now on TheLadygang.com, PodcastOne.com, the PodcastOne app and Apple Podcasts.

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Below is an excerpt, as The Ladygang co-hosts, Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek, get the scoop on Wells and Sarah’s upcoming wedding:

On Wedding Size:

Keltie Knight: “Will you guys have a huge wedding? No, no showbiz people. Just make it small.”

Wells Adams: “It’ll be gigantic…Yeah, so that’s the thing! I am the youngest of 5 kids… I’ve got 5 nieces and nephews.” 

On Wedding Planning:

Wells Adams: “…Not my call. This is all Sara’s call… I think that… I’m involved in the decision-making process, but…. It’s not like we’re launching nuclear missiles where we both have to turn a key… I’m like the assistant to be like, ‘yeah, you can turn the key now.’”

Keltie Knight: “Is Chris Harrison going to marry you?”

Wells Adams: “Probably not. I think we’ve got a couple cool ideas for that… But Chris will definitely be there for sure.”

On Last Names:

Keltie Knight: “Are you okay being Wells Hyland?”

Wells Adams: “No… But I told her that…” 

Keltie Knight: “She should definitely not take your name, no offense.” 

Wells Adams: “No, I was like, ‘I don’t have any ego about that… You can do whatever you want to do. And, also, you’ve built this empire and this brand with this name, so I wouldn’t expect you to do that.’ I think that she would make that decision on her own.”

Hear the full episode: https://www.podcastone.com/ or https://apple.co/2T6MsUF.

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