You May Soon Be Able To Play Xbox One Games on iPhone or iPad

You May Soon Be Able To Play Xbox One Games on iPhone or iPad
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It is very well known that going forward gaming won’t be just limited to consoles. Console makers are also apparently aware of this, and are even working to support this shift. Microsoft, for instance, is working on a new service that will allow you to play Xbox One games on an iPhone or iPad, suggests a new leak.

This new feature or service will be part of Microsoft’s Project xCloud service, which will allow gamers to stream games on other hardware. Microsoft’s xCloud service will help gamers play Xbox games on devices that otherwise are incapable of doing so.

Basically, the xCloud concept has two applications. The first allows selected games rendered from Microsoft’s servers in the cloud. The second application turns an Xbox into a server, which then streams the games owned by the user on mobile devices over a home network.

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Windows Central, citing sources close to the matter, say that this second application of xCloud could launch very soon. The site also shared alleged screenshots of this new feature that would allow you to play Xbox One games on an iPhone or iPad. One of the screenshots possibly leaks the name of the feature.

As per the screenshot, the feature would be “Console Streaming” and it turns the “Xbox One into your own personal xCloud server.” Another screenshot shows the setup asking users to continue the setup on the Preview app on their phone. The leaked image also tells users to use a Bluetooth-enabled controller to continue with the setup.

As per Windows Central, the setup wizard will initially ask users to run certain tests to check if their network is ready for personal streaming. The setup wizard will test the upload speed, compatibility of the controller and whether the correct ports are open. Also, to use the xCloud personal streaming, the power-saving mode on the console must be disabled.

Moreover, the feature would enable users to stream their entire game library on the iPhone or iPad, including games from the Xbox Game Pass. A point to note is that the other application of the xCloud, which streams games from Microsoft servers, will only support the games selected by Microsoft.

This is not the first time we have heard about this possibility. In March this year, Microsoft even demonstrated such a feature publicly using an Xbox One controller, which was connected to an Android device via Bluetooth. During the E3, Microsoft talked about personal xCloud servers, which originate from a console and streamed over a home network.

As of now, it is not known when Microsoft will launch the feature. According to Windows Central, the feature is currently available to the Microsoft employees, who are helping the Xbox team to fine tune it. The company may reveal some details about it at the Gamescom event, which is currently ongoing in Germany.

Previously, Microsoft revealed that it plans to open its xCloud game streaming service to the public sometime later this year. However, it is not clear whether the company was talking about server-based streaming or the xCloud personal streaming.

“We are scaling the program up globally. We have deployed project xCloud blades into data centers in 13 regions around the world. We’ve also started our alpha testing,” Microsoft told reporters at the E3.

Windows Central, which tried the cloud-based variant of xCloud at the E3 2019, said that the experience was fun with minimal latency and artifacting despite the fact that the video was being streamed from a data center hundreds of miles away. On the other hand, in the xCloud personal streaming there won’t be any distance constraint. So, it could prove an excellent option to play Xbox One games on an iPhone or iPad anywhere in your home where the network is accessible.

Streaming games to mobile devices is not a new thing. Sony, from earlier this year, has been supporting PlayStation game streaming via Remote Play. Steam also allows iOS and tvOS streaming via the Steam Link platform. Apple also is working to improve gaming on iOS devices. The iOS 13 and iPadOS will allow gamers to use Microsoft’s Xbox One S and Playstation’s DualShock 4 controllers on an iPhone or iPad.

Nvidia also recently announced that it will “extend” its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to Android phones. The supported phones will include flagship devices from Samsung and LG. Nvidia revealed no further details, such as when such a feature would launch or how much it would cost. However, the company suggests the use of a Bluetooth gamepad to take full advantage of the feature.

Nvidia recently partnered with Softbank and LG’s U+ to make its GeForce Now available in Japan and Korea. The service was previously available only in North America and Europe.

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