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Drop Test Comparison For Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max

Now that the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is out, we’re getting more and more videos comparing it to Apple’s biggest offering, the iPhone XS Max. One YouTuber pitted the Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs the iPhone XS Max in a drop test to see which of the two phones stands up the best to being dropped.

Drop test for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max

One thing about the Galaxy S10 that was particularly disturbing was that the in-display fingerprint sensor failed after just a single drop. However, Samsung fans will be pleased to hear that the Note 10 Plus held up better than that.

The drop tests involved dropping the phones onto a hard slab of concrete in different positions. One thing we noticed right away was that when the Note 10 was dropped on its back, it flipped over so the display was down, while the iPhone XS Max stayed with the display up. Both devices cracked on the back, with the Note 10 Plus faring worse than its iPhone counterpart.

Dropping the two devices on their corner sent pieces flying in both cases. The phones generally held up well in the corner drop test, although the iPhone XS Max’s stainless steel design made the damage a bit less noticeable than it was on the Note 10.

When the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and the iPhone XS Max were dropped on their faces, both sustained broken displays. However, the iPhone’s display was much worse off than the Note 10 Plus. Given the importance of the display to the functioning of the device, this is a huge win for the Note.

PhoneBuff then went on to dropping each of the two phones from higher up on a steel platform up to 10 times. The last time they tested the iPhone XS Max, it stopped working after only three drops. When the Galaxy Note 10 Plus was dropped five times, it sustained some major damage and cracks but kept working. After dropping it five more times, the device continued to work although the tester did end up with a sliver of glass in his finger. Even the fingerprint sensor embedded in the display was still working after dropping it 10 times.

The final verdict gave the win to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus because the damage continued didn’t keep it from continuing to work. The full video of the drop test for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max is embedded here: