Outlook Is Down: It’s Not Just You

If it seems like your email has suddenly gone quiet and you use Outlook, you’re not alone. Outlook is down based on reports from users on Twitter and sites like Down Detector. Microsoft isn’t owning up to any problems with the email platform as of the time of this writing. The Microsoft 365 status dashboard shows Outlook is up and running, but there’s clearly a problem due to how many people are reporting that Outlook is down. It’s been a quiet office for many workers today so far.

outlook mail down

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Among the problems being reported are issues with emails not being sent and not being able to log in. Reports about the service being down go back about two to three hours. Some say the service did start working again very briefly after being down for a while but then went back out again. The biggest concerns are being posted by people who depend on Outlook for work and now aren’t receiving any emails.

Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the issue, so it’s unclear when we can expect the service to be back up and running. We aren’t seeing any reports about problems with other Microsoft services, so at least for now, it sounds like only Outlook is down. At least one person says the Mac and Office 365 versions of the email service are both experiencing issues.

Based on the outage map on Down Detector, it looks like much of the U.S. is having problems, especially the northern part of the eastern seaboard, Michigan and the Chicago area, southern California and Washington and Oregon states. However, there is a sprinkling of reports across the rest of the country too. Other parts of the world which have reported that Outlook is down include South America and some parts of Europe, especially the southern U.K. and Ireland and France.

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