Claim Your Pack Info Bug On FIFA 19 Is Frustrating Players

Claim Your Pack Info Bug On FIFA 19 Is Frustrating Players
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EA plans to release FIFA 20 in September. On one hand, gamers are anxiously waiting for the upcoming game, but on the other, it seems some FIFA 19 players are facing a frustrating issue. Many are complaining about getting a message stating “Claim your pack info” on FIFA 19 all the time.

This issue of “Claim your pack info” appearing all the time on FIFA 19 was first reported by someone using the handle Bouk24 on the official EA support forum, according to tech site PiunikaWeb. Affected users say the issue first appears during the start of the game when a pop-up asking them to claim their pack appears. Thereafter the issue occurs each time a player goes back to the main menu.

“When I start the game, it shows me some FUT info (claim your pack), that I can get some players for limited time. It shows whenever I go back to main menu and it is very annoying,” one user said.

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The issue was first reported last week. An EA community manager was quick to respond and suggested a solution. However, the solution did not work as expected. The community manager asked affected users to run a repair of the game “by right clicking it in Origin and selecting the Repair option.” One affected user who tried this solution reported that the issue persists.

“I’m getting this too, and it’s incredibly * annoying. I just bought the game and already regret it. Repairing the game in Origin does absolutely nothing,” the user said.

The community manager then asked for the time stamp so developers can check the logs. This issue of “Claim your pack info” on FIFA 19 is not yet resolved, but the developer team is looking into it. Hopefully we will have a fix soon.

In other FIFA 19 news, Twitch Prime subscribers are eligible for two free FIFA 19 packs. The first pack, which is available now, offers gamers a player with a rating of 86 or above and three rare gold player items. The second pack, which will be available in August, will offer gamers a player with a rating of 87 or higher and two rare gold player items.

If you are not a Prime user, you can receive these packs via the usual free trial offer. However, you can claim it only on one platform. Thus, remember to log in to your linked Twitch and EA accounts with the platform — PC or console — that you want to use the pack on.

Twitch Prime also offers ad-free viewing, free channel subscriptions and several giveaways, including in-game content. All this is included in the Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $13 per month or $120 per year.

To claim the free FIFA 19 packs, you must have both Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime. When you sign into Twitch Prime, you will also have to sign into Amazon Prime. Once both accounts are open, you will automatically receive a popup to link your Twitch and Amazon accounts. If somehow you don’t receive the pop-up, head to the top-left of the Twitch Prime page and click “Link Twitch account.”

Once the accounts are linked, go to the FIFA 19 loot page in Twitch Prime and select “claim now.” You will then be prompted to log in to your EA account. After you sign in to your EA account, select “claim,” and that’s it. The pack will then show under the My Packs section of FIFA 19.

FIFA 20 it is the 27th edition of the game, with the first edition published in 1993. The franchise allows gamers to play several soccer/football competitions that mimic real-life tournaments, such as the Champions League.

Artificial intelligence will be a big part of FIFA 20 because EA is reducing the AI defensive support to focus on defense. This could mean that players will have to master the defensive play and depend on switching between multiple defenders instead of using the R1 or RB buttons for AI support. Referring to tackling, EA says “timing is everything.” The upcoming game will come with several new tackling animations that players can use to win the ball back.

FIFA 20 will be released on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on Sept. 27. If you pre-order the game, you will get access to the game three days early.

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