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iPhone 11: 3 Cameras Could Be A Game Changer For Apple

iPhone 11 is coming in September, and with it will come a brand new visual setup with 3 cameras arranged in a square unit. This will be a completely revamped camera unit for Apple, as the company has previously stuck by its 2 lens design in previous versions of the device. A report from the Wall Street Journal touted this possibility some time ago, and since then it has seemingly been confirmed by leaked images and renders from well known sources.

Apple iPhone 11 Rumors

The rumor mill surrounding the 3 cameras that Apple will be integrating into the iPhone 11 has been churning for several months now. The camera unit itself is completely different from previous designs which housed the lenses in a vertical bar. The new unit will be square, and according to leaked images will cause the phone to have a raised profile around the housing. Google just confirmed that the Google Pixel 4 will have a similar camera unit that contains a total of 4 lenses. Apple and Google are not the only two companies to move to a square camera unit, as Huawei has a similar design on their Mate 20 Pro.

The rumors of the square camera unit began to surface in January of 2019, thanks to a leaked render of the iPhone 11. Digit.in posted the render, which revealed that the unit contained 3 cameras. It seems Apple is taking things to the next level with its new flagship phone. Users have been attracted to phones that have extremely good photographic capabilities, and Apple was beginning to trail behind competitors in that area. The render in question was leaked by OnLeaks, which has proven to be a reputable source of information in the tech world.

3 Cameras – Why The Third Lens?

While we don’t yet know for sure what Apple has planned for the third camera lens, it may not just be for photographs. According to 9to5 Mac, it is possible that the 3rd lens on the iPhone 11 is aimed at the world of augmented reality. The third lens may be a depth sensor and not a standard RGB lens. As technology has evolved over the last few decades, Apple has been on the cutting edge, so a step in this direction would not be surprising.

Since the initial iPhone release in 2007 Apple has developed almost a cult like following. Consumers will camp outside Apple stores on sidewalks to await new iPhone releases. The addition of the third camera to the iPhone 11 certainly points to the fact that Apple has big plans for this phone. While it could be that 3 cameras are simply designed to take better photos and increase the number of options available for that purpose, it is also possible that the iPhone 11 is going to have cutting edge capabilities.

How The Competitions Stacks Up

The Google Pixel 4 is coming this fall, and it sports a very similar camera unit containing 4 lenses. We already know Google will be bringing streaming games to Android OS via its Stadia gaming platform. How their camera unit will interact with that, we do not yet know. The line of phones from Huawei also offer excellent camera units that take fantastic photos, even in low light. The iPhone 11 will have to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, which is rumored to have a vertical 3 lens unit. Will the 3 cameras on the new Apple flagship be able to compete? We believe they will, and if Apple does opt to make the third lens a depth sensor, it could place them more than a step ahead of competitors.