Google Calendar Is Down, Page Returns 404 Error For Users Worldwide

Google Calendar is down, as a 404 error is displayed for users around the world. According to the dashboard for Google Calendar, the service is unable to be accessed due to a “service disruption.” The page says, “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Calendar,” the message reads. “We will provide more information shortly.” 

Google Calendar is down, and with it many user’s appointments may be lost. Many companies depend on the service to schedule their employee’s workdays, and without it they could miss important appointments. We will update you as news comes in on when the Calendar is expected to be available again.

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I spoke to Stanley Scalora, who schedules work for Ohana Moving in Deltona, Florida. He said their company uses Google Calendar on a daily basis to update their work crews with new appointments. Last week he noticed that appointments and notes were somehow being removed from their calendar, and dates for appointments were being manipulated. Also, the color coding system he uses to label jobs was affected. After making sure the data was correctly input into Google Calendar, the problems continued. He then began taking steps to back up all appointments in an offline calendar, only updating the crews calendar via Google on a daily basis to prevent data loss.

According to Scalora, the calendar does still appear on his Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone. So, the Android app seems to be working still, although the webpage is currently down.The mobile version appears to  be working properly, in spite of the desktop version being down at the moment. He said he is able to add dates and events to the calendar, and the changes seem to take effect on his calendar. However, he does note that he was unable to export the calendar to his offline storage.

While users may not be able to use Google Calendar online through their mobile device, they can still access appointments and notes they have already entered into the calendar. They would also still be able to enter new information into their calendar, although it most likely will not share it with other people. It looks like for now the only alternative would be to call each person and give them the information to manually input into their copy of the calendar. Hopefully, new information will be updated when Google does get the calendar back up and running. If not, then everything typed into the calendar while it is down will be lost.

The irony in Google Calendar being down is that it happened just one hour after Google posted a tweet praising how great its new update is. This crash comes just weeks after a major crash took out Calendar, Youtube, and several third party apps that are utilized by Google. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon, but as of right now there is no update from the tech Giant on when the problem will be solved.

According to Google’s dashboard Hangouts Meet is also experiencing some issues today. It looks like June is going to be a rough month for the tech company. While all eyes have been focused on the upcoming launch of the Google Pixel 4, it seems that other issues are plaguing the company’s established apps. Google Calendar is down, and users worldwide are feeling the pain as they try to go about their daily scheduled tasks.


Google Calendar is working as of 12:53 pm EDT. The desktop version appears to be online and working properly,