Final Fantasy 7 Remake May Be Delayed

Final Fantasy 7 Remake May Be Delayed
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Gamers everywhere have been looking forward to the Final Fantasy 7 remake, but they may have to wait a bit longer than previously expected. Although Square Enix hasn’t officially said that the title has been delayed, its latest financial projections suggest that it may have been. In the meantime, fans are excitedly talking about different aspects to the game, like possible ways to split it into multiple games.

Final Fantasy 7 remake may have been delayed

WCCftech pointed out this week that Square Enix has significantly adjusted its financial projections for fiscal 2020 and 2021. The developer released its final report for fiscal 2019, which ended in March. At the time of the fiscal 2018 report, Square Enix projected significant growth in net sales and operating income at 300 billion to 400 billion in net sales and 40 billion to 50 billion in operating income.

The numbers suggested the Final Fantasy 7 remake and The Avengers Project, the company’s two most highly-anticipated games, would both be released in fiscal 2020. However, the new projections for fiscal 2020 reveal much lower numbers, while the mid-term target for fiscal 2021 is now the same as the previous forecast for fiscal 2020. This suggests that one or both titles may be delated to fiscal 2021, which means after March 2020.

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Square Enix has made no official announcement about a release date for the Final Fantasy 7 remake, so this is just a speculation for now.

Splitting the Final Fantasy 7 remake

The developer has also remained quiet about the progress on developing the Final Fantasy 7 remake. The company did say that the title will be released as multiple games, but that’s just about all we know at this time. The folks at VG24/7 decided to think about how the title could be split.

The original Final Fantasy 7 was a huge game, so remaking it will be a very complex and expensive endeavor. Remaking the title without removing a lot of the original content would be very expensive, so developers will have to pick and choose carefully which elements to include and which to leave out.

VG24/7 suggests that the Final Fantasy 7 remake could end up being a trilogy, although suggestions for a two-part title are offered too. Some theories suggest the game could be split based on the sections that fit onto each of the PS1 discs. It was three discs on the original PlayStation, but the structure doesn’t work very well, especially since the last disc doesn’t contain much more than the last dungeon and a large amount of side content.

Some have suggested the first part of the remake could be just Midgar, especially since all of the footage that has been shown so far is from this section of the game. Midgar is also the game’s most dense area, so it would make sense that it would be one of the sections. Some suggest Midgar could be the first game and the second part will be everything else.

VG24/7 suggests the Final Fantasy 7 remake should be done in three parts. The first section could be mostly Midgar, while the second part could include the flashbacks and darkness. Part three could include an open world for more exploration.

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