How To Access Blocked Or Restricted Websites With A VPN

Restricted websites and blocked content are one of the leading issues of the contemporary era of technology. Even in this era, which claims to be an era of globalization, certain websites are available in one part of the world while blocked in the other regions which are certainly frustrating for online users.

The major reasons for restricted access and biased availability of content are geographical restrictions imposed by law and regulation authorities of a country, limitation of the license of the host site, security concerns of institutes, and the political and cultural differences between various countries. Though all these reasons are quite valid on the institutional level but are unacceptable for general users who want access to their favorite sites, be it a social media platform or belong to infotainment industry, in the same manner as other users across the globe.


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Unblocking Restricted Websites

With the rising issue of blocked content, online users are now concerned about how to unblock restricted websites. This quest of people paved the way to various ways of unblocking websites that have restricted access. Some of these methods are discussed here for your facilitation.

Variant Versions of Website

Some websites are restricted solely for desktop users and can be easily accessible in their mobile versions so you can try to open your desired website through various devices and with different versions.

For instance, if WhatsApp is banned on your smartphone but opting for its desktop version that is may be helpful. Similarly, you can log in through if your device is not supporting the Facebook app. Though this is a simple tip but is often not much useful especially for geo-restricted websites.

Replace URL with an IP

Each website has its own IP which is different from its URL. When a site is blocked by a server or institution often only the URL of the site is registered in the list and using the IP can solve your query of how to unblock restricted websites. Accessing website IP is not very difficult and can be easily obtained through relevant sites. Though this trick mostly works, it has certain limitations like the unavailability of the desired IP due to website policies. This method is also inapplicable if both IP and URL are in the restricted list.

Google Translator

Google translator could be your assistance in your quest of how to unblock restricted websites as it can fool the host site about your current location. For this method, translate the google site in any language other than the default language used in your regular browser and type your designated address. When you land on the required page simply translate back the content in the language you can comprehend. This is a great trick but does not work if the content is locked by territorial authorities.

Way Back Machine

Way Back Machine site is a site that has archived of old versions of different websites. If you are not interested in the fresh content and only require some general information you can opt for this option and can visit the old pages of your desired website without any restrictions.

Smart DNS Proxies

Smart DNS proxies are a more authentic solution to the problem of how to unblock restricted websites. The smart DNS proxies allow you to change or hide your actual location by opting for servers of different countries. With this method, you can easily fool the host sites and unblock the desired content. Smart DNS proxies are one efficient solution but it is not a secure way of browsing. The online activities carried out through these proxies are open to spying and snooping which may put you in trouble any time sooner or later.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network or VPN is the only secure and reliable way of unblocking restricted websites. It works as a third party between you and your host site and redirects all your online activities through its remote servers. It allocates you a unique proxy that gives you the freedom to surf the internet as an anonymous person.

VPN disguises and hides your actual location and identity and carry out all activities through an encrypted tunnel which keeps you protected and safe from any spying or third party interference while unblocking restricted content.

VPN is your ultimate retort of the search how to unblock restricted websites but it is not a free solution like other methods listed above. It is a paid service, however, the peace and eases it provides to its users is worth every penny.