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Difference Between Bachelor’s Thesis And Master’s Thesis

The main difference between a Master’s thesis and a Bachelor’s thesis of a university study is the higher study load. A thesis at the university is often more theoretical and more practical at college. Edupeet.com will help you to write best thesis for your degree.

Thesis differences between bachelor and master in university

A university bachelor thesis differs from the university master thesis in the following points:


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  1. The size of the thesis: The study load of a Bachelor’s thesis is often around 6-12 ECTS and that of a Master’s thesis 18 ECTS. This means that the master’s thesis in terms of the number of pages is often larger than the bachelor’s thesis .
  2. The language: Where you can still write the  thesis in Dutch for some programs, this is no longer the case with the Master’s thesis. This is because most masters are in English.
  3. Individual or joint: In principle, you write both your Bachelor’s thesis and your Master’s thesis individually, but it is possible that you collect your material with your thesis in a group context. You do everything yourself with your master’s thesis.
  4. Literature research and practical research: Due to the limited size of a Bachelor’s thesis, it is often limited to literature research only. In the master’s thesis you are often expected to do practical research to substantiate your arguments.
  5. Defense or not: Unlike the Bachelor’s thesis, you need to defend your thesis often with the Master’s thesis. Incidentally, the tendency is that defense is less frequent due to the increasing spending cuts in higher education.
  6. The choice of subject : During the bachelor’s you often get a list of subjects from which you can choose. With the master you have more freedom to choose your own subject.
  7. Writing a thesis for a company: You are often not allowed to write a thesis for a company. With the master thesis you have the choice to write your thesis for a company and then do an internship there.

Differences between HBO and WO bachelors

The biggest differences between HBO and WO are:

HBO programs have a more professional orientation. Bachelor’s programs at the university are scientifically oriented.

The courses that you can follow at the HBO are often 4 years, and the Bachelor’s programs in WO are 3 years.

These differences are also reflected in the Bachelor’s thesis. The thesis at HBO is much more practice-oriented than at the university. HBO students almost always write their Bachelor’s thesis for a company and also do an internship there. Theoretical research is therefore combined with practical research.

For university students, the  thesis is much more of a literature review and therefore not focused on professional practice. In addition, the Bachelor’s thesis is of a larger size at the HBO than at the university and a HBO thesis almost always has to be presented and defended.

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