Some Pixel 3 Users Now Complain About Vanishing Text Messages

Some Pixel 3 Users Now Complain About Vanishing Text Messages
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Pixel 3 users have faced multiple issues since the launch of the Pixel 3 handsets in October of this year. Now, one new issue seems to be affecting a few users, who claim that the Pixel 3 is erasing text messages without any warning.

Pixel 3 is erasing text messages for some

Based on the complaints, instances where the Pixel 3 is erasing text messages has cropped up after the November security patch, which came out in the first week of November.

Affected users have raised the issue on Reddit and Google product forums. Some users claim that their entire data in the Messages app has been deleted without warning. In some cases, users haven’t even archived the messages. And, users who backed up their messages on older Pixel phones were able to recover the messages, but the new messages were gone.

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“I’m on the Pixel 3 and all of my texts were deleted by the stock messaging app this morning. The security update was automatically installed, but I hadn’t reset my phone to finish the update,” one Reddit user said. “I’ve only had the phone for 3 weeks and hadn’t bothered to backup any of my texts.”

Further, some say that the Messages app goes crazy at first, doing unusual things like automatically creating a new thread for existing conversations. And, after the phone is restarted all the older conversations are gone.

The issue where Pixel 3 is erasing text messages is affecting some Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users. It is recommended that you instantly back up your messages using a third-party app.

A possible workaround

Google, on its end, seems to be aware of the issue, but is still to come up with a fix or an explanation as to what may be causing the issue. The Messages app is unlikely to be the cause as the messages are doing fine on the older Pixel phones.

Until Google comes up with a fix, some users have shared a workaround that has worked for many. One user on Reddit recommends using the earlier version of the Messages app to get back the lost messages. This fix suggests that the problem could be with the latest update to the Messages app.

To return to the last version of the Messages app, go to Settings> Apps & Notifications > Messages. From the App Info page, tap the menu button and select Uninstall updates. Hopefully, you will be able to recover the lost messages. If not, then contact the support team.

Google’s November security patch was for the original Pixel series, the Pixel 2, the Pixel 3 models and some Nexus handsets and the Essential Phone. Apart from some bug fixes, the patch updated the picture-in-picture feature, which now allows users to watch videos while multitasking. The patch also added a Google Assistant shortcut to the quick search bar on the Pixel and Pixel 2. The said feature is already present on the Pixel 3 devices.

Other issues with Pixel 3

Along with the missing text messages issue, Pixel 3 users are reporting one more issue after the latest security patch. Several users on Reddit and Google’s forums are complaining of a flickering issue with the Pixel 3 devices. Users say that they are experiencing the issue when Ambient Display is switched on.

The flickering issue results in the bottom portion of the screen lighting up before returning to normal. Users reported a similar issue last year as well with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. At the time, Google fixed the issue via a software update. This time, users are reportedly being offered a replacement. Hopefully, Google will soon come up with a fix.

Similar to the disappearing messages, many users earlier reported an issue where the camera was not saving photos at times. Google has already said that it will be releasing an update in the coming weeks to fix this issue faced by a few users.

Another issue that many Pixel 3 users are reporting is that their handset is getting overheated during charging. Some users complain that the device gets overheated and eventually shuts down when video-streaming or playing music while the phone is on charge. A few also say that they are witnessing the overheating issue during video calls.

It is normal for phones to heat up while charging or video recording, but Pixel 3 users say that their device is shutting down without warning. This is a good enough reason for Google to look into the problem.

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