Samsung Will Pay $600 For iPhone X If You Buy Galaxy Note 9, S9 Or S9+

Samsung Will Pay $600 For iPhone X If You Buy Galaxy Note 9, S9 Or S9+
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If you own an iPhone X and want to upgrade to a newer phone without waiting for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Samsung’s double-value trade-in program could be just what you need. The program is for those who wish to buy a Galaxy S9, S9 Plus or Note 9.

Details on Samsung’s new trade-in program

As the name suggests, Samsung’s double-value trade-in program doubles the trade-in amount received for select phones. For instance, if you want to exchange your iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung is offering $600 back. The only condition is that you will have to buy the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus or Note 9 between Oct. 5 and Nov. 3.

Samsung’s latest trade-in offer is undoubtedly lucrative as Apple offers up to $525 for the iPhone X. However, it must be noted that Samsung’s double-value trade-in program is only a temporary offer. After the offer expires on Nov. 3, the Korean firm will offer only $399 for an iPhone X.

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If you don’t own an iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus, don’t worry. Samsung ‘sdouble-value trade-in program applies to other devices as well. Samsung has released a list of devices eligible for the trade-in program. For instance, on the iPhone 8, Samsung is offering $550, which is $200 more than what Apple offers. The iPhone 7 can fetch you $300, or $100 more than Apple’s offer.

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In addition to iPhones, Samsung’s double-value trade-in program is also valid on phones from LG, Google and Samsung’s own phones. For instance, the LG V30 will get you back $300 under the program, while the Pixel 2 XL will get you back $400. In all there are 31 handsets eligible for trade-in.

To benefit from Samsung’s double-value trade-in program, all you need to do is upload proof of purchase of the said phone via the Shop Samsung Android app. The handset you plan to trade in must be in good working condition. If your device is found to be eligible, you will be paid via a Visa Virtual Account.

“You will get double your trade-in value, up to $600. This value will depend on the device model and condition. If your device is not eligible for the anticipated trade-in value, you will receive $50,” Samsung says.

Samsung’s double-value trade-in program is best of all

Samsung’s double-value trade-in program is better even than offers from trade-in sites like Gazelle. For instance, on the original Pixel, Samsung is giving back $125, while Gazelle offers just $70. On the two-year-old Galaxy S8, the Korean firm is giving $400, while Gazelle is only offering $85.

Even the Amazon Trade-In program is nowhere near as good as Samsung’ double-value trade-in program. For instance, Amazon Trade-In will give you $300 in Amazon credits for the Note 8, while Samsung is giving $500 back for the same handset.

Other deals on the Note 9

If you want to buy the Galaxy Note 9 but don’t have any eligible phones to trade in under Samsung’s latest program, don’t worry; there are still plenty of offers for you. Best Buy is offering a free 32-inch Samsung TV (worth $179.99) with the purchase of the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus or the Note 9. The free TV is the J4000 Series 720p set. Like with all offers, there is a limitation with this as well. You will have to buy the Samsung handset on an installment or lease plan with Verizon, Sprint or AT&T.

Walmart is also offering a discount on the Note 9. The retailer is giving $150 off if you buy the Note 9 in-store with a two-year contract with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

Among mobile carriers in the U.S., Sprint is offering the most lucrative deal. The carrier is offering the Note 9 for $20 per month under a lease via the Sprint Flex program. The lease period is for 18 months. AT&T will allow you to purchase the Note 9 for $33.34/month over 30 months on an AT&T Next plan, and you also get 75% off the cost of another Note 9.

Verizon is offering $300 off on the Note 9 if you add a new line. You also get $100 off for trade-ins on eligible devices, such as the iPhone SE, Galaxy S6 and others. T-Mobile is giving $720 off the cost of a second Note 9 if you get a new line of service.

One of the best offers for an unlocked Galaxy Note 9 is on eBay. SoBeOnline is selling an unlocked Note 9 for $822.98, a discount of $177. The seller has a good track record with 98.9% positive feedback on eBay.

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