O2 Network Is Down [UPDATE: Service Back Up]

O2 statement on the outage

Most of the problems with the O2 network now appear to be fixed. An O2 spokesperson emailed this statement about the outage to ValueWalk:

“Some customers may have experienced an issue when using their mobile earlier today. This was fixed within 40 minutes. Some customers may continue to experience some intermittent issues when reconnecting to the network. We’re investigating what happened and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

O2 down: The latest

As of the time of this writing, the O2 network is down still as a massive outage has struck the mobile carrier in the U.K. With O2 down, users who subscribe to other carriers that operate on the O2 network, including Giffgaff and others, area also impacted. Affected users are reporting that their phones show that they have no service. Subscribers are reporting problems accessing data, calling and receiving phone calls, and sending and receiving text messages.

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O2 is telling media outlets that it is aware of a network issue and is investigating the matter. Meanwhile complaints are piling up on social media sites and various websites which track online outages. We are hearing from one or two sources that O2 believes it has fixed the problem, but there are still so many complaints that it seems like there must still be some issues with the service.

At this time, it appears many of the affected users are in the London metro area, although subscribers in Birmingham, Manchester, and as far away as Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow have also reported problems. A few other cities may also be affected by the outage.

To report issues with your O2 service or check if the O2 network is down in your area, click here. However, we should note that the website seems to be getting inundated with traffic right now, as it does take awhile to load the page. You may have to be patient

First report: O2 network is down

Thousands of mobile subscribers in the U.K. are without service after the O2 network went down. Twitter began quickly filling with complaints that the O2 network is down on Thursday. More than 2,000 people have been affected, although that’s just a small percentage of the mobile carrier’s userbase, which stretches into the millions in the U.K. alone.

Most of those who are reporting that the O2 network is down say they can’t make or receive calls, while some also say they can’t send or receive texts.