Google One Features More Affordable Storage Plans

Google One

Google is providing an upgrade for its Google Drive service that is widely used for storing documents, photos and much more. According to a blog post on Google, all those who have already used Drive’s pricing plans are now upgraded to Google One pricing, which seems to offer more affordable storage plans.

In this way, Drive users will be offered more flexibility and more options for storage at lower prices. Google is putting the price cut on its storage service for the first time in four years. The pricing plan of Google One starts at the same price as Google Drive plans with 100GB for $1.99 per month. Users who choose to upgrade can get more storage starting with the newer $2.99-per-month tier with 200GB of storage, while there is also a plan for 2TB for $9.99 per month. The pricing plans that are larger than 2TB will stay the same. Those who previously had 1TB Google Drive plans are being upgraded to 2TB free of charge.

How to upgrade?

The entire process is pretty simple. If you want to sign up for a 2TB storage option you just go to Google Drive and click on Storage. After that, you’ll be prompted to Upgrade Storage, bringing up all the other options.

Nevertheless, if for any reason you need more than the 2TB storage option, the plans do remain the same. The plan is to supposedly bring some newer perks, like new deals from Google Store, although nothing has been announced yet.

Google will allow you to share the storage with up to five family members, which is extremely useful if you need some extra storage, and you’d be paying far more for each family member. Given that Google doesn’t really care to check the resemblance of email addresses, you could add your friends or coworkers to Google One and its more affordable storage plans.

We, however, don’t know where the idea for Google One came from. Is it because the 1TB storage plan needs upgraded, or that the storage is limited for up to five family members? Or that you can also use the storage for the Photos app, as well as Gmail?

As Google explained in the blog post, Drive subscribers on personal accounts have already been moved to Google One plans. As of now, everyone in the U.S. can sign up for Google One and the more affordable storage plans.

It’s important to add that your choice of cloud storage provider is dependent on what services you typically use. These new affordable storage options won’t mean much to you if you use iCloud.