This PlayStation 5 Concept Is Jam-Packed With Unique Features

Sony PlayStation 5 ConceptImage Source: Signature Dumary / YouTube video (screenshot)

Sony hasn’t yet officially revealed what the PlayStation 5 would look like or when it would hit the store shelves. But we know that the PlayStation 4 is aging fast, and despite the awesome lineup of games, it will be on its way out in the next few years. Rumors about the PlayStation 5 have been scarce so far, but it hasn’t stopped Sony fans from imagining what the next-gen PlayStation will look like. We came across an interesting PlayStation 5 concept that is jam-packed with cool new features. You may not like some of the features, but the concept video is totally worth checking out.

What’s new in this PlayStation 5 concept?

This PlayStation 5 concept was made by designer Joseph Dumary for the YouTube channel Signature Dumary. The concept is in line with Sony’s core design philosophy, and retains the signature blue hue that PlayStation consoles are identified with. The video has received more than 1.7 million views so far. Here are the new features Dumary imagined for this PlayStation 5 concept.

Smart Console

The Smart Console feature monitors your behavior and usage patterns, and then optimizes the console accordingly to offer the best experience. It will automatically change controller and game settings, and install necessary applications to ensure that you love every moment you spend with the console.


Dumary’s PlayStation 5 concept video has an Air HDMI that allows wireless connectivity between the console and monitor without any loss of image quality. It would be cool if Sony adds it in the PlayStation 5.

Eco Mode

The concept also boasts an Eco Mode feature that will prevent power interruptions from spoiling your in-game fun. Thanks to the Eco Mode, the PlayStation 5 concept consumes no electricity in standby mode and when you are navigating through applications, galleries, and menus. The concept includes a rechargeable battery to give you up to five minutes to save your progress in case of power interruptions.

Improved DualShock controllers

The DualShock controller gets a curved touch screen with this PlayStation 5 concept. The touch screen will allow you to change settings and open messages without having to change the screen on TV. The controller also gets a fingerprint sensor to be able to save specific user settings.

The DualShock controllers imagined by Dumary have wireless charging capabilities. It will be interesting to see if Sony can pull off wireless charging on the PlayStation 5 controllers.

Stress sensor

This PlayStation 5 concept integrates a stress sensor right in the DualShock controller. It will detect how stressed you are, and accordingly adjust the difficulty level.


The concept also has a built-in translation feature that will translate text or audio messages between players in real-time. Cool, isn’t it?

PlayStation 5 code-name revealed

Sony might not be interested in talking about the PlayStation 5 just yet, but ResetEra user Gemusepizza points out that the latest version of the Unreal Engine 4 contains the PlayStation 5 code-name. The Unreal Engine 4 contains references to a console named “Erebus” alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Why do the Internet sleuths think Erebus is the code-name of PS5? Let me explain.

Erebus is a Greek deity who personified darkness. He is one of the first¬†five beings in existence. Sony has traditionally code-named its consoles after Greek deities, which makes us believe that Erebus could be the PS5. The PlayStation 4 was named Orbis, the PlayStation VR was code-named Morpheus, and the PS4 Pro was dubbed Neo internally. We know for a fact that Erebus is not Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console because that device is code-named Scarlett.

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