Whitney Tilson “Money back guarantee on our upcoming webinar”

Whitney Tilson “Money back guarantee on our upcoming webinar”

Whitney Tilson’s latest email to friends is entitled: Money back guarantee on our upcoming webinar on how to raise money and presernted below without further comment…

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Pease use “VW10” for a big discount!

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Greetings from hot and steamy London, where I just arrived, ready to teach our three programs over the next five days (with a break to watch the England-Sweden soccer game tomorrow!).


Of the ~6,000 people on this email list, I’d guess that at least 1,000 are in some way, shape or form trying to raise money, which is the most important thing we teach in our seminar on How to Launch and Build an Investment Fund (see attached). It grew out of my own experience where, in my first decade, I took my AUM from $1 million to $200 million, thanks to these returns:


At the time, I thought I was doing great from a capital raising perspective – I’d guess that fewer than 1% of funds that start so small ever get to such scale.

But I now realize that I could have gotten to $1 billion had I developed and invested in an effective, organized fundraising strategy and plan. This mistake cost me tens of millions of dollars personally. Thus, I would gladly pay $1 million right now – seriously – to go back in time and teach myself what we’re teaching in our seminar.

In light of the millions of dollars that most people are trying to raise, what we charge for our seminar is less than a rounding error. In fact, I’m so sure that we can give you some valuable new ideas that I’ll make you the following offer: sign up for our upcoming webinar and if you don’t agree that it’s worth exponentially more than the $595 we’re charging for it (going to $795 at midnight Sunday and $995 the following Sunday), then I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Pease use “VW10” for a big discount!

You can register for it (and, if you wish, our Lessons from the Trenches investing bootcamp, taking place over nine sessions July 23-August 1) at: www.cvent.com/d/dgqdlz/4W. You can be anywhere in the world, on any device; three 2½-hour sessions August 2-4, 7:00-9:30am NY time; they’re recorded if you miss any.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope to see you then!

Best regards,


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