Is China Declaring Trade War On US Farmers?

MediaDC political analyst Ron Meyer, Fox News political contributor Tammy Bruce, Democratic strategist Kevin Walling and American Majority CEO Ned Ryun discuss President Trump’s trade tariffs on China on whether there is a policy of deliberately targeting American farmers .

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Is China Deliberately Targeting US Farmers?

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President Trump obviously feeling excited excited today. And I love that he went directly to the heartland that he began the day in Iowa looking at the US farmers and saying listen we know China's is deliberately targeting you. I've got your back because you understand what I'm fighting for is much bigger than this.

Yeah there's no there's no coincidence that he went to Iowa because they've been feeling the buzz from the soybean repercussions on the trade deal on the trade tariffs that he's been implementing. But I think the reason why he went to Iowa is to tell them Listen we're going to have your back. But we also have to make sure we're fighting for American industry. And I think that's the thing and the key part is exactly what he said. We have to stop the cheating we have to stop the unfairness I think and I hope that the end result isn't just to keep the tariffs because that's the problem is what's happening to soybean farmers in Iowa is will continue to happen if we can negotiate better deals and that's really very I've really got to get to and I think we would be seeing higher stock market gains if we weren't seeing if we weren't seeing more and more tariffs without the better trade deals. But hopefully what we're getting close to what we're hearing is that NAFTA is about to get renegotiated and we'll start seeing more progress with China and we'll start seeing the benefits and the renegotiations from these original round of tariffs because right now I'd say the market and many in industry are sort of worried about the tariffs never going away.

And I think also a lot of people understand that it's a battle it's and this is deliberately targeting whether it's the farmers bourbon makers or whatever people who voted for President Trump to get the magnitude of what we're talking about here. May 3rd 2013 there was a commission on intellectual property how much it cost. So this is about China. Three hundred billion dollars of that. Fast forward to 2017 commission on theft of American intellectual property. It was an update to three 300 billion lead to six hundred billion dollars from our economy. That's mind boggling.

Well it is but it's also a sign that China realized we were really doing nothing about it and that there'd be no repercussions that America had become complacent. And that was the messaging for at least a decade. Right. So in this case and especially with the earlier in the week right everyone wringing their hands clutching the pearls about what Trump is doing. Once again he proved his own negotiating skills correct. And what he said was going to happen would be correct. And yet now we've got to make sure that the farmers and everyone else understands that all of these things that he's targeting he will deliver on. And this is what I think most Americans realize now that he's a serious man and get serious results. We're now obviously also trying to get that hostages out of Turkey. Well when it comes to money and the intellectual property fight people say Oh when are you going to do it's about the Internet. There's plenty we can do.

And Donald Trump is going to deliver on that as well because of course giving some of this hand wringing. Of course so all revolved around the tactics of President Trump who has used tariffs. You know I don't think he's a protectionist at heart. No he's not. But no one throughout this entire saga has been able to tell me any way to make first the EU come to the table and ultimately the rest of our trading partners including China. How are Democrats handling this or are they going to be able to celebrate. You know because I saw one former Obama official saying even if we get these deals America has lost its place as the world's North Star. So I'm just confused about it.

Well Charles I think we need to focus our attention as you rightly pointed out on China when it comes to an intellectual property starting these tariff battles with some of our closest allies Mexico Canada the European Union is a failed policy and only resort to more tariffs that will hurt our farmers and farmers in Iowa. You know the vast majority of them the.

Why wouldn't they. Why would they target farmers. I mean farm farming is one point five percent of the economy. You know where we went from 9 million to less than two million farmers in this country. Why would our friends Canada target our farm and some by the way. Why did they already target farmers.