2001 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Warren Buffett Charlie Munger FULL Q&A – Morning Session

2001 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Warren Buffett Charlie Munger FULL Q&A – Morning Session

Buffett and Munger annual meeting from  2001 video below stay tuned for much more older meeting videos

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Right. And Andy Andy you're here and you could stand up the crowd liked to say thanks we have one other guests too. After doing an incredible job for all Berkshire shareholders and accurately for Charlie in May Ralph Shea retired this year. But Ralph and Lucy I believe are here and Ralph and Lucy would stand up by the shareholders. I would like to say thanks Scott Fletcher was one of the best acquisitions we ever made but the reason it was among the very best was was Ralph and a great many of the other companies that we own. Now our ownership was made possible because of the profit that Ralph uld deliberate over the years so thanks very much Ralph. Now we will come to order. I will go to this fast. I'm Warren Buffett chairman of the board of directors of the company and I welcome you to this 2001 annual meeting of shareholders. I will first introduce the Berkshire Hathaway directors that are present in addition to myself. First of all of course is Charlie on my left and Ifill the directors will stand when I give your name Howard Buffett. Susan Buffett she was the voice on the songs the ones that were sang a song well Malcolm G. Chase Ronald L. Olsen and Walter Scott Jr. Also with us today are partners in the firm of Deloitte Touche our auditors. They are available to respond to appropriate questions you might have concerning their firm's Waterloo.

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The accounts of Berkshire Mr. Forrest Carter Secretary of Berkshire and he will make a written record of the proceedings because Becky AMIC who has been appointed inspector of elections at this meeting she will certify to the count of votes cast in the election for directors. The name proxy holders of this meeting are Walter Scott Jr. and Mark de Hamburg. We will conduct the business of the meeting and then adjourn the formal meeting after that we will entertain questions that you might have. Who the secretary. I have a report of the number. The number Bircher shares outstanding entitled to vote and represented at the meeting as indicated in the proxy statement that accompanied the notice of this meeting. It was sent by first class mail to all shareholders of record on March 2 2001 being the record for this meeting. There were one million three hundred forty three thousand forty one shares class a Berkshire Hathaway common stock outstanding with each share intel to one both emotions considered at the meeting and five million five hundred and five thousand seven hundred ninety one shares of Class. The Berkshire Hathaway common stock outstanding with each and have the two hundredth of one vote on motions consider the meat of that number. One million one hundred and sixteen thousand three hundred eighty four Class A shares and one million five hundred seven thousand eight hundred ninety six class. The shares are represented at this meeting by proxies returned Thursday evening April 26. Thank you. That number represents a quorum and we will therefore proceed directly proceed with the meeting. First order of business will be a reading of the minutes of the last meeting of shareholders. I recognize Mr. Walter Scott Jr. who will place a motion before the meeting move that the reading the minutes of the last meeting of shareholders be dispensed with.

Do I hear a second the motion has been moved in second or are there any comments or questions. We will vote on this motion by voice vote. All those in favor say aye. Polls say by I'm leaving. The motion is carried. The first item of business of this meeting is to elect directors of A shareholders present a wish to withdraw proxy previously sent in and vote in person on the election of directors he or she may do so.



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