OPPO Find X vs iPhone X: Which Phone Is Better?

OPPO Find X vs iPhone X: Which Phone Is Better?
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OPPO’s latest phone is seriously impressive, but how does it hold up when comparing the OPPO Find X vs iPhone X?

Both the OPPO Find X and the iPhone X are impressive devices that represent some of the best design and performance on the market, but is one truly better than the other? When comparing Apple products with an Android phone, it isn’t always easy to draw a 1:1 comparison due to the different architecture involved in designing the phones.

While some may be tempted to claim that the OPPO Find X is much more powerful due to the extra RAM, the iOS operating system is extremely efficient and doesn’t need the same sort of power that an Android device would need to provide similar performance. It’s situations like these that make the process a little bit more complicated than looking at the specifications, but that won’t keep us from comparing the OPPO Find X vs iPhone X and trying to give you a sense of which phone is the better buy.

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OPPO Find X vs iPhone X: Design

We’ll start with perhaps the most glaring difference between the two devices. The OPPO Find X prides itself on a completely uninterrupted display. While the majority of high-end flagships have been working to shrink down their bezels, the Find X takes it to the extreme – even going so far as to put their camera into a pop-up technology that leaves the front of the phone completely clean.

The iPhone X has its signature notch, which, while definitely an interesting aesthetic, was included primarily to include access to the new FaceID technology. The infamous “Notch” has been incredibly divisive in the smartphone community and has both loyal fans and harsh critics. The fact remains, however, that it subtracts from the screen real estate of the device.

It would be one thing if Apple had a significant edge with the FaceID technology, but considering that the OPPO Find X has its own version of 3D facial recognition it’s pretty clear that the OPPO Find X wins from a design perspective.

iPhone X Plus
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OPPO Find X vs iPhone X: Performance

The performance section will be a tricky one to write as not many people have their hands on the device to run benchmark tests. Also, as mentioned above, it’s disingenuous to compare specs like RAM and declare the Find X the superior device due to the overload of technology packed into this high-end device.

With that said, we can make some guesses as to the performance of the OPPO Find X vs iPhone X with the caveat that this information could be proven inaccurate.

The OPPO Find X has an octa-core processor and 8GB of RAM, which should solidify it as one of the top performers on the market. It’s also powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor which is the top-of-the-line model from Qualcomm and present in the vast majority of high-end Android smartphones.

The iPhone X has proven to be one of the fastest devices of this past generation with its A11 Bionic chip, and that power is backed up by a hexa-core processor and 3GB of RAM.

We do feel that the OPPO Find X will exceed the performance of the iPhone X, but considering that there are more than 6 months since the Apple phone released it’s not exactly a fair comparison on all fronts. When Apple releases their next generation of iPhones it’s possible that things would go another way.

The OPPO Find X has a 3730 mAh battery capacity with the iPhone X having only 2716 mAh, but it’s again not an easy comparison due to how efficient Apple devices are with power.

OPPO Find X vs iPhone X: Camera

The camera is an important part of any device, and the iPhone X lens has gotten a lot of praise from critics – putting it in line with the performance of high-end models from other manufacturers like Google and Samsung.

With that said, the OPPO Find X seems to have it beat – at least in terms of lens quality. While the iPhone X 12-megapixel rear and 7-megapixel front camera, the OPPO Find X has an impressive 16-megapixel rear and 25-megapixel front camera. Unless the software on the Find X is much worse than the Apple’s device, it’s likely it will take some of the best smartphone pictures we’ve ever seen.

OPPO Find X vs iPhone X: Verdict

When comparing the OPPO Find X vs iPhone X, we feel that the battle leans heavily in OPPO’s favor. While it doesn’t have the same recognition as an Apple product, it appears to have some of the best specifications we’ve ever seen with a phone – and that’s across the board. With one of the cleanest and most beautiful designs, unprecedented power, and a camera that surpasses the competition, it will certainly be difficult to beat.

As mentioned above, however, the OPPO Find X is sort of part of the next generation of phones. With the release of a trio of 2018 iPhones on the horizon, it’s possible that OPPO could find itself unseated sooner rather than later.

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