Ray Dalio On Warren Buffett

Listening to Warren Buffett talk about his failures is a good exercise because he did a whole lot of failing on his way to succeeding. Investing is challenging for even the best investors, and challenges are good for us. The markets give clear and objective feedback on the quality of our decision making. My need to aggressively grab opportunities, coupled with my acquired fears of being wrong, forced me to develop principles for decision making that work well. I hope that I can convey them well.

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Ray Dalio On Warren Buffett

Here are all the ideas presented at the 2020 Robin Hood Investors Conference

2020 Robin Hood Investors ConferenceAs usual, the Robin Hood Investors Conference has brought several new investment ideas from some of the top minds in the wealth management business. Investors heard from Sachem Head's Barnes Hauptfuhrer, One Tusk Investment Partners' Vivian Lau, Lone Pine's Mala Gaonkar, Lakewood Capital's Anthony Bozza, CAS Investment Partners' Clifford Sosin, Teca Capital's Fernando Vigil and Read More