Why Facebook Now Uses Synthetic (“Fake”) Data

Why Facebook Now Uses Synthetic (“Fake”) Data
geralt / Pixabay

When Facebook unveiled its plan last week to open two new AI labs and create an AI safety net for its users, the company also announced – for the first time – that one of the tools it will use to protect its more than 2 billion users is synthetic data.

Data scientist Sergey Nikolenko hailed the announcement from Facebook and hopes it leads to the mainstream adoption of synthetic data as a powerful tool that helps developers create and train AI algorithms quickly and affordably without compromising privacy.  Nikolenko’s company, Neuromation, a leading provider of synthetic data, was featured last week in WIRED magazine (neuromation.news).

“While fake news has caused problems for Facebook, fake data will help fix those problems,” said Nikolenko.  “In a computing powerhouse like Facebook, where reams of data are generated every day, you want a solution in place that will help you quickly train different AI algorithms to perform different tasks, even if all the training data is.  That’s where synthetic data gets the job done!”