Changes To Seeking Alpha PRO

Changes To Seeking Alpha PRO

Some news from S Seeking Alpha PRO via two recent emails to contributors

  1. Exposure: We send SA members more than 200 million emails each month. Our email alerts help you reach investors who follow the stocks you cover, and increase the exposure of your articles.
  2. Payments: Exclusive articles earn about $71 on average. To learn about our compensation structure, click here.
  3. PRO Payments: High-quality single-stock articles selected for “Seeking Alpha PRO” earn at least $150 per article. “Top Ideas” earn at least $500.
  4. ​Marketplace: You can further enhance your earnings and exposure on the site by offering a subscription service. And when you post regularly, we are paying you to market your product.
  5. New! PRO Access – All active contributors now have unlimited access to our full research library, including Seeking Alpha PRO content. Publish your next article within 15 days to retain this access!​

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