How Do You Sync Android And Mac

How Do You Sync Android And Mac
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It all started with iPhones, they were first of the kind and everyone wanted one. But as it always happens other manufacturers have followed suit and not long after we had a great alternative smartphone that was even more affordable and customizable than iPhone. No wonder many iPhone owners switched to Android devices. However switching to Android phones didn’t mean dumping their trusty Macs.

This is how many Apple computer users ended up not having a fellow smartphone, but rather a very different Android.

Many will agree that having a Mac computer and an Android smartphone is the best of two worlds, however, they were not meant to operate together, i.e. there is no native way to sync Android and Mac. Also macOS is highly restricted in that way and won’t let you sync it with Android device just like that.

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Why are there no obvious choices of software for syncing Android with Mac? Some years ago, Apple had a sync service that various third-party programs could use to offer Mac and Android synchronization. Later, however, Apple revoked this service, and all sync software simply stopped working. That happened in 2014 with the Mac OS X Yosemite release and nothing has changed since then.

Well, there was one solution meant for Android sync with Mac – Android File Transfer – but it hasn’t been updated for some years now and doesn’t work correctly with all devices as the result.

Some will say that syncing via Google Docs or Google Photos can do the job, however it may not be convenient for everyone as it is not a direct synchronization with the clouds involved.

The app that currently offers direct Mac and Android synchronization is SyncMate. It was not affected by Apple’s removal of their sync service as it had its own developed and can sync a multitude of devices including Mac and Android. Also because of using its own algorithms SyncMate offers direct synchronization without involving any additional clouds. Free SyncMate syncs calendars and contacts, which is a great basic set. For those who need all-in-one syn